Eva Destruction Presents: October Drag Queen Horror-Scopes

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October Drag Queen HORROR-Scopes
Presented by: Eva Destruction

Libra: Aren’t you lucky to have your birthday fall within one of the most fun and creative times of year? Let out your inner freak and do some things that you typically wouldn’t! Dye your hair that bright auburn for fall that you’ve been eyeing! Or rock some neon lipstick to get groceries just because you can!

Scorpio: Are you green with envy lately? You better take a good, long look in the mirror sweetheart, because Elphaba is the only Wicked Witch in town who needs to be rocking green as a skin tone this fall. Take time to be grateful for what you do have, instead of envying what you don’t.

Sagittarius: Girl, if you have a feeling that someone is watching you…they probably are…I would invest in a home alert system like ADT – or a sexy body guard. (By the way, did you know that Michelle Visage has a song on the soundtrack for movie “The Bodyguard”? Track nine! Available on iTunes!)

Capricorn: Nicki Minaj may say “Pills N Potions” but, in your case, they don’t mix. Be wise in mixing medications and liquor. We don’t need you pulling a Judy Garland darling.

Aquarius: You need to take a breath and relax. You’ve been super-stressed lately and there is no need to be, the skeletons in your closet aren’t rattling around. Take time to smell the burning leaves this month!

Pisces: Let’s hope you don’t come across any black cats or step on any cracks! Your anxiety level is just going to be through the roof for this whole month. I’m just going to suggest that you watch “My Little Pony” and eat lots of chocolate until it’s all over. By the way  – Boo!

Aries: You’re a sneaky little devil. Just don’t let your horns show! Be careful in going too far in trying to get what you want this month. There’s a fine line between being driven and being thirsty. Nobody wants to be that thirsty girl – that’s not cute.

Taurus: Are you dating Dracula? Your neck sure looks like it! Looks like someone has been on a serious hookup spree as of late, and the tell-tale signs are more than apparent for everyone to see. I’m not hating on you girl, in fact, I’m jealous! But I’d advise you to get some good concealer and possibly some cute, large, printed scarves to cover up those battle wounds.

Gemini: Dust the cobwebs off an old pair of pumps you haven’t worn in a while and call up a friend that you might have lost touch with recently. It’s amazing how rekindling the flames of a friendship can give you a zest for life you didn’t know existed.

Cancer: Your sweet tooth is really bugging you this month, and for good reason! You should probably watch your candy intake purely because of the fact you don’t want to owe your soul to your dentist. Keep those pearly whites in tip-top shape and cavity free!

Leo: Beware of the full moon this month, and arm yourself with a four-blade razor. Unless of course you plan on partaking in the Octobeard phenomenon, feeling your inner werewolf oats and rocking the bearded queen look. Like Raven said, “I wouldn’t wear it, but for you it’s cute.”

Virgo: Are you afraid of the dark? You should be. I would suggest sleeping with a nightlight on. Or spotlight just to be safe. You don’t need a visit from the “Tooth Fairy” from Darkness Falls, or any other creatures that go bump in the night. Better to be safe than sorry darling!

About Eva Destruction

Hometown: Mayfield, NY

Current “drag town”: I don’t have a drag town per say, I travel a lot.

Style/ Type of Drag: Glamour/Camp

“Day” job: I teach Daisy Duke Glutes, a class I created, at a local gym. And I also teach Burlesque classes there as well.

How did you get your drag name?: I named myself after a powerful, controversial woman of power, with a play on words all in one. It’s something I knew no one would wold ever emulate.

How long have you been doing drag?: All my life basically. But my first official club gig was in 2011.

Who are your Drag idols?: Alyssa Edwards, Shangela, and Bianca Del Rio.

Drag family: Kashi Golean, the parody writer and YouTube sensation herself is my mama!

What are your regular drag gigs right now?: I’m at ROCKS in Albany the first Saturday of every month. But I travel for gigs constantly.

What are some legendary clubs/cities you would like to play?: I would really love to get to Micky’s in WeHo, because the crowd just looks so electrifying in all the videos. That’s a crowd you just get pumped up for and excited to perform for. The Rose Room in Dallas, because it’s legendary. To be in the same dressing room as so many heavy-hitters would be such a humbling experience in itself.

What are your major drag-related goals for the next year?: I would really like to see LA. I’ve done a lot on this coast, I think it’s about time that I head over that way and just see what it’s like!

Who was your pick to win Drag Race Season 6?: Bianca Del Rio from day one. It was well-deserved. She’s flawless, and hysterical to boot. The definition of a true entertainer one hundred percent.

Who do you think is in the cast of Season 7?: It’s always hard to say because there are always a ton of rumors flying around. But, a few that I’d throw out there would be: Pearl, Queen Bee Ho, and Discord Addams.

What are your thoughts/plans regarding applying for Season 8?: I think that I will. I love what I do more than anything in the world, and I want to take that to the next level and I believe that the show creates that platform for performers. I’ve been working on my wardrobe and adding to it as much as possible here and there. I have over 50 wigs so I’m all set in the hair department!

What is the drag scene like where you live and how often to you get into NYC or a major city? Do you feel “out of touch” with the major drag scenes or are you able to make it work? Well there isn’t much of a drag scene here because I live on a lake in the mountains. I’m like a Disney Princess, I sing and the animals come into my yard and make my clothes. Obviously, joking aside, I have no choice BUT to travel to larger cities for my gigs. I get to NYC here and there, I was just down there filming a movie for a week and then went back down for DRAGNET at Metropolitan in Brooklyn with Merrie Cherry. I also get out to Syracuse pretty often for Trexx and RAIN Lounge and their shows as well. But yes, being out in Mayfield on the Sacandaga and being the “Lady of the Lake”, I am quite removed from most of the major drag scene. However, I think I’ve managed to make quite a name for myself despite these hurdles.

What is your drag statement? I’ve been sober for one year, five months, twenty-eight days, twelve hours and fourty-eight minutes as I write this article. And I know this down to the very minute because of an app that I purchased through the app store called “Friend of Bill” for $0.99. I’ve become vocal about my sobriety for so many reasons, and my drag persona has almost become a platform for it. I am so open because I want to let people know that there is nothing shameful in admitting that you might have a problem or that you may need extra help along the way to getting sober. I wished so much that when I was drinking that there was someone like me to tell me that it was going to be okay, and where to go to get help, when I was ready to get it. In the past year and a half, I’ve come so far in my career, traveled to places I never thought I’d go, and most importantly, got my life back. There is hope.

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