Evan and Addison Are Domestic Partners

New York residents Evan and Addison (left and right) recently became domestic partners. Our editor sat down with them to talk about growing up gay in Texas, Devo and how things get slippery…

So, how did you guys meet, first of all?

Addison Smith: We met on MySpace… I had just signed up for a MySpace account.

Evan Hoyt: And so did I. I discovered there was an advanced search feature which you could search by eye color, hair color, who likes Devo?

AS: ‘Who likes Devo’!?

EH: I searched by how many people in Manhattan were six foot four. Not male, not female, not gay.


EH: Just randomly. I was just like, “How many other people are as tall I am?” And so Addison came up at the top of the list. It didn’t say anything about him being gay – the only thing it said was –

AS: Job. It said “gay philanthropy”. Right?

EH: I think it said “queer philanthropy” and I was like, “Huh?” So I emailed him and said, “Hi there, Texas boy. I think I have a stranger crush on you.” Then we emailed back and forth – because I was in Texas at the time for a little sabbatical.

You guys are both from Texas?

EH: Yes. So, I was in Texas with some time on my hands. And we started corresponding for a couple of months, on and off – and then I came back.

AS: I showed pictures of you to my friends and my family and said, “Look, my future ex-husband just wrote me”. I never really thought that I would meet you, which is really cool.

EH: Yeah.

AS: But I called you my “future ex-husband,” which now I hope never happens!

EH: Me too…

EH: So, I came back and met him the first week of January, 2006 and we shook hands at the end of our date. [Laughs] And then made out from 8th avenue to 7th avenue…

AS: That was our next date. I thought you were kind of straight or had some issue, like a small weiner or something.