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  • AdonisOfFire

    “Heterosexual”…Uhm…yeah…have you heard him talk?
    He’s very cute and adorable though, I wuv him.

  • Blake

    “Heterosexual” – thanks for the giggle.

  • Pip

    I don’t know about Evan Lysacek. That Camilo Villegas is looking pretty sexy though.

  • Mike L.

    Um when does that issue come out? lol

    Seriously tho, when?!

  • Devon

    Heterosexual or not, he’s got a great ass.

  • punkboi26

    Blah!!! I much prefer Johnny Weir. He’s far cuter IMO and has much more personality. This guy is always a big douchebag to him at skating events. Calling Johnny him awful names and such behind his back. Lysacek has no tact and the way he acts towards gay people tells me he is a total closet case. Ptooey! I spit on his skates!

  • Mike L.

    HA! @punkboi26: HA! While I agree with you there are plenty of other reasons to bye that issue various other hot athletes XD

  • Cam

    Emaciated with a great big head. I don’t see the attraction.

  • Jeff

    Someone feed that boy some bobka!

  • Ben S

    Miss Thang…………

  • nelson

    Whoever got him to pose like this is having a good laugh somewhere, and that is rather mean. But really, why would his people allow this bird/alien image to be published?

  • Jack E. Jett

    i don’t get her. he is over my head. far too chic to fuck or rim.

  • scott ny'er

    evan aka flailing arms man has nice muscle tone. That’s all i can say about him.

  • Ian

    In the 2nd pic he looks like he has a nice bangable ass ;)

  • FYI

    Evan Lysacek — Really, itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny feet! I wonder if he had them bound as a child. I wonder what he uses for ice skates — two butter-knives duct-taped to baby doll shoes.

    BTW, there are three basic types of buns: C-shaped (bubble butt)…D-shaped (not quite round, but not entirely flat)… and then there is L-shaped (flat as a pancake). When he’s standing, it definitely is a D-. But all that is irrelevant, he actually shows more “ass” when he’s dissing Johnny Weir.

  • derek

    oh dear, it doesn’t look like he’s cupping much.

    maybe that’s what his problem with johnny weir is about…he got a look at johnny’s johnson in the lockerroom and realized that evan jr. doesn’t measure up.

  • Xtincta

    Weir got the personality but Lysacek got the looks. If only we could fuse the two…….

  • Oh Charlie

    HETEROsexual, are you sure about that…..did Queerty do a typo….it should read as HOMOsexual. As they say, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.

  • JoeyO'H

    Heterosexual? I just spit up my morning coffee! Thanks for the early morning laugh!

    Nice body Evan.


    He has the sex appeal of a Ken doll……….Weir has a much hotter body and am sure he is a firecracker in bed…….[img][/img]

  • KOK magazine

    all i see is lysacek’s homophobic twittering (that he pathetically faux denied this past summer). i do like that he posed ballet style for the first shot. still nothing less than in the face ejac would have made me forgive him his weir war. now weir’s an ass too, but he’s a gay ass and i like that.

  • Patrick

    He’s as straight as Liberace was.

  • Nicole

    Ewww! He’s about as sexy as a naked praying mantis! YUCK!

  • Kyle

    The shot is great, but the hand gives him away!

  • Russell

    Well well well, the last screw holding up the hinge holding the closet door in which Evan lives just fell. The dude should just come out and stop embarassing himself and stop being in denial. I am still waiting for the People magazine cover with his picture stating “Yep, I’m Gay”. With pictures like that, I’m sure we won’t have to wait to long.

  • lizcivious

    It’s about time you boys discovered ultra-sexy Camilo Villegas, although I’m sad he cut off most of his luxurious locks. Still adorable, however. I never in a zillion years thought I’d watch golf on TV. I mean, the term hot golfer sounds like an oxymoron. I’ll have to pick up a copy of that mag to see him in the buff.

  • Sexy Rexy

    Both Evan and Johnny are gross. Gimme some Brian Joubert or Stephane Lambiel. Joubert has the artistry of a water buffalo, but a bod and face to die for.[img][/img]


  • James UK

    I think Evan looks like a lesbian.

    A young kd lang to be precise. Except she the talent, the artistry and the balls that Evan so clearly lacks.

  • BillCooney


    Check out Johnny’s ass and Johnny in High Heels. Ooohh Baby, Baby!

  • BillCooney


    Maybe this will work. Sorry!

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