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Evangelical Charles McVety Booted From His Own TV Show For Calling Gay Pride Parades ‘Conspiratorial’

The Rev. Charles McVety, president of both the Canada Christian College in Toronto and the Canada Family Action Coalition, isn’t going to let a government regulatory agency get in the way of his god-given right to talk trash about gays on television.

On his show Word TV, McVety said “disparaging” things about The Gays, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ruled in December. Things like referring to gay pride celebrations as a “sex parade” that is “malevolent, insidious and conspiratorial.” All of which led broadcaster Crossroads Television System to cancel McVety’s program — not because of political pressure, the station insists, but because McVety’s program showed a “lack of compliance with the CTS code of ethics.”

POLITICAL CENSORSHIP, screams the television evangelical!

His show was consequently pulled from the air. The station let him back the following week, but decided to pre-screen the show. But this past Sunday night, any viewers tuning in to hear McVety were instead met with a notice alerting them that the show had been cancelled. “The council threatened the television station,” McVety said. “So, in order to protect their own interests, the station censored heavily, then just got rid of us, altogether.”

McVety said his show has had “overwhelming support” from a number of organizations, each of whom he will ask to write letters to government protesting the decision. CTS is licensed through the federal broadcasting regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. “The fact is that Word TV failed to keep its agreement to comply with the code of ethics and indicated a refusal to comply in the future,” Innis said. “Unfortunately, numerous attempts by CTS to work with McVety were unsuccessful.”

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  • Drake

    This guy looks just like Scalia.

  • B

    No. 1 · Drake wrote, “This guy looks just like Scalia.”

    Scalia aside, he looks like someone who needs a lot of exercise and a lower-calorie diet. He can whine all he wants, but Crossroads Television has the license and has a right to determine what sort of programming it will show as long as the programming conforms to Canadian laws. They could legitimately dump him for looking too stogy (e.g., if the station wants to promote a particular image to attract viewers), although all the station did, it seems, is to require that anything presented as factual information be accurate.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    His show was pulled, then replaced, and pulled again, because he accused the rightwing Christian station of censoring him, and they didn’t like that.

    Fatboy’s a media whore and willanything to get his fat face on TV.

  • McMike

    Why is it “pastors” who proclaim so loudly about the so-called sin of homosexuality look like they’ve never heard of the deadly sin of gluttony? This man is just another example of a homophobe who is so grossly grotesque no gay man would ever have sex with him. Someone needs to do a study on homophobes and their physical attractiveness because with each and every news item like this it only confirms my theory there is a direct link between homophobia and unattractiveness.

  • tallskin2

    He looks like a typical christian kiddie-fiddler to me

    When will the truth be revealed?

  • B

    No. 4 · McMike asked, “Why is it ‘pastors’ who proclaim so loudly about the so-called sin of homosexuality look like they’ve never heard of the deadly sin of gluttony?”

    … part of the reason is that the ones loud enough to hear are raking in a lot of money from their TV gigs, and are under a lot of stress to keep the ratings up and keep those dollars flowing in. It’s a high stress job so some of them (most of them?) compensate by overeating. They are probably too tired when they get home to exercise, plus they probably work very long hours (not on religious stuff but on the business aspects of keeping a TV empire going).

    Hey, “what would Jesus do?” (Hint – no TV 2000 years ago).

  • JM

    Come on, guys. Fat jokes? Real mature.

    Still, fuck this guy’s hateful message.

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