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Evangelical Gym Tells Members: Drinking Soy Will Turn Your Boy Gay!

We now know, thanks to scientific evidence, that many things can make a person gay: Playing with Barbies at a young age; reading superhero comic books; watching Fox News. But little did we know that soy milk — the sweet little lactose-free wonder made from soybeans — will also turn you into a homosexual. Or that is the latest theory flying around the gym Club Physical, which happens to be owned by the conservative evangelical Life Church.

The fitness center in Auckland, New Zealand, has been telling members “soy makes boys gay,” or at least pointing them to an “interesting link” to an article claiming letting young boys drink soy milk will turn ’em homo. And, of course, “homosexuality is always deviant.” That’s not sitting well with deviant homosexual members of the gym!

Auckland gym member John Kingi, who is gay, says he was “shocked and horrified” to see gym’s promotion of the discredited information. He is cancelling his membership and is urging his friends to do the same. He says the original writer is a dubious American homophobic and right-wing Christian who has set up numerous sites with an anti-gay bias.

Although most of the Club Physical gyms, including the one Kingi uses, are individually owned and operated franchises, Kingi says he is not comfortable with any of his money ending up in the pockets of people who “endorse” this damaging claim. “Although they claim the gyms are ‘A place where you belong’ this clearly doesn’t apply to glbt people,” he says.

In his formal complaint to Club Physical owners and newsletter writers Paul and Tina Richards, Kingi, who is treasurer of the Rainbow Youth glbt peer support organisation says “there is simply no justification in my mind which can be made that absolves [Club Physical’s owners] of the bad decision made in publishing the article.”

It should be noted that this photo, of two obviously heterosexual men engaged in a very straight example of male bonding, was taken at Club Physical location.

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  • romeo

    Alright now! This is what I’ve been waiting for all my life.


  • terrwill

    @romeo: Not so fast there on the supposed homo inducing miracle ingredient! Unfortunately there is a downside to a diet rich in soy products. Once upon a time someone who seemed to know what he was typing about claimed the reason why so many Chinese guys have very small egg rolls is that their diet is rich in soy based products and something in the comppound interferes with a boys puberty resulting in a smaller pee pee (unfortunately I can attest to this cause I have done a lot of “hands on” research with Chinese guys : P )

    >So if this is true we can have a bit of a dilema a much smaller but larger Gay population…………..

  • romeo

    Don’t rain on my parade, Terrwill! LOL

  • terrwill

    @romeo: I’m soyry! : P

  • Fitz

    Phyto Estrogens only slightly delay WHEN Puberty kicks in.. not how much of it happens, so to speak.

  • terrwill

    @Fitz: Maybe its the rice then…………. : P

    Romeo: If Fitz is correct then, its ok to stock up on soy it now! :-O

  • Ken

    I agree, this is absolutely absurd.

    But, believe it or not, I was in a medically supervised program at a respected hospital, and the men in the group were told not to use soy milk. It was fine for the women. This was a few years ago. I don’t remember the reasoning behind it. Because I don’t care much for soy milk, I didn’t really care.

  • Hunter

    soy milk elevates estrogen levels in men and feminizes them biologically. mentally, i dont know.

  • onCloud9

    i like small chinese peepees. i can eat them like wontons.

  • romeo

    FINALLY! a serious scientific discussion here at Queerty.

  • terrwill

    Cloud9: ya just know the PC police are gonna be all ova your shit…….. : P

    Since we got on the topic of Asian peen,I find Asian guys to be totaly hawt. Whilst many of the Chinese guys I have been for the most part do fit the small stereotype, some of the guys with the largest cocks I have ever seen are on Japanese guys. They can truly stand tall with those whom typically are supposed to be hung like the Itailans….

  • Tallskin

    LOL this is great! more religious lunacy!

    I hope the gays have posted alternate pamphlets pointing out how religion fucks the intellect.

    I mean who but a loon believes in a non existent sky pixie up there above the clouds?

  • terrwill

    @romeo: You mean some of the discussions we have on these here threads aren’t fact filled?? Oh lordy! ;~P (see I made my face half Asian!)

  • romeo

    @terrwill: Can’t talk now. I’m heading out to Safeway to load up on soy milk on the route to the Silverlake reservoir.

  • NO WAY!

    Hmm, I was gay even before I started drinking soy milk….and I haven’t had soy milk in a few months, and yep, I’m still gay.

  • romeo

    @ No Way: I’m typing this in on my laptop while I’m waiting in line at Trader Joe’s. Soy milk is way cheaper here. Reservoir is only a couple of blocks away so I can make multiple trips.

    Of course you’re still gay, we all are. It’s the straight ones we’re trying to help here. THINK, Man, THINK!

  • Fitz

    Just a boring nerd here.. but….
    There is a difference in the phyto estrogens that soy PRODUCTS contain than what SOY BEANS contain. Eating soy beans won’t raise your estrogen level.

  • Wade macMorrighan

    No, Soy Milk will NOY make you gay. However, studies HAVE found that while it’s fine for women, the male body mistakes it for estrogen and literally leads to us developing “man-breasts” as a consequence.

  • Same Crap

    The milk I drink is homo(genized).

  • terrwill

    So basically what we have here is more proof that the frightwing nutbag lunatics simply gleam something from cyberstrolling the internets and then band it about as fact. Same as that pathetic little monkey Tam has done whilst giving his cringe inducing (for the haters) testimony against Gay marriage. “I saw it on the internets and thought it was fact”. Some evangical lunatic saw a story about some soy product and the some kind of femine result and bingo: It makes soyfags! Whilst this has generated a very humerous thread for us to chuckle about (I just saw a story on the news about an empty 18 wheeler being hijacked, Romeo where the fuck are you?) the rightwing lunatics take any shit dished out to them as the absolute truth and hate on us.

    Queerts has another thread currently running asking about our experiences with Gay resorts and resorts. I posted ’bout an Atlantis cruise took last year. As we watched 4 elderly couples walked up the gangplank looking at us as quizzilcly as we them. At dinner we asked what the hell they were doing on the ship and one of the woman explained they had visited the Atlantis resort in Bahamas and thought the cruise was affiliated with the resort, a very family friendly place! Long story short, we Gays adopted these couples as their surrogate Grandparents and we had them dancing and partying with us all week long. At the end there were hugs and kisses all around. One of the men ‘splained to me that he had never actually met a Gay person before (that he knew about) and all he ever heard was how evil and what terrible persons we were from his Pastor and rightwing nutbags. He said to me “I was so damm wrong about you folks for 72 years………”

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Romeo, I’m behind you at the line at Trader Joe’s and they’ve “blinged” your aisle. Hurry the fuck up or I won’t pay for this soy milk I’m drinking…

  • schlukitz

    I am still laughing uncontrollably at Romero’s comment in his post no. l


  • schlukitz

    Sorry. The three exclamation points came out as ones inside the italics I set the comment off with.

    Something in the soy milk, perhaps? ;P

  • Lukas P.

    @terrwill: Your “soyfags” expression caused me to burp up my carob ricemilk, gluten-free bread and tofu omelette! [actually it was a cheezy potato burrito @ Taco Belle, but who’s keeping track?]

    Well, although the ricemilk hasn’t the pseudo-phytoestrogeneric complications of the soylicious concoction, it’s a pricey beverage.

    Do read the webpage of the NZ gym. It’s frothy and filled with quotable quips.

  • lewis

    thats a really hot picture, btw

  • schlukitz

    No. 25 · lewis

    thats a really hot picture, btw

    Yeah. Especially with the guy in the red wrestlers suit grabbing the butt of the guy in the blue wrestlers suit. ;P

    Bet we’d get an eyefull in a video slowed down sufficiently to catch all of the action and moves.

  • John Kingi

    Awesome to see you guys picking the story up! (I’m the original deviant homosexual who complained).

    When I went into the gym today to cancel the membership, they said they have already had 4 members quit. So this is definitely working.


  • schlukitz

    No. 27 · John Kingi

    When I went into the gym today to cancel the membership, they said they have already had 4 members quit. So this is definitely working.

    I would love to see that as a positive win for the LGBT community.

    However, why do I have this gnawing feeling that the fugnatical owners and operators are high-fiving each other on the “cleansing of queers” from their evangelical-owned gym membership roles?

  • Josh

    Joseph Farah from World Net Daily is one of the people that began this ridiculous memes that soy milk causes homosexuality.

  • John Kingi

    Hi Schlukitz.

    The reason it is a win, is the the Gym is a franchise whereby individual owner/operators run the distinct locations and obviously pay franchise fees. Due to what we’ve highlighted, the Franchise owners have all rallied together against the CEO who is the real homophobe, and writer of the newsletter, not the frontline staff who work in the gyms themselves. They are pretty upset that this guy has come out with these claims and they are now demanding his resignation.

    That’s why it’s a good thing. Hope that takes away the gnawing feeling :P


  • Lukas P.

    @John Kingi: Thanks for the good news! Keeping the pressure on the homophobes and practitioners of bad science (a.k.a. Voodoo medicine) can and does work when you reach the right people with a message that hits them in the wallet, purse, or budget. Stay brave!

  • schlukitz

    Hi John Kingi. I too join with Lukas P. in saying thanks for the good news.

    It does, indeed, take away the gnawing feeling. You are a gentleman and a scholar, Sir. ;)

  • Anon Gay Kiwi

    I live in Auckland also, and if people did their own research instead of just jumping on the band wagon, they would know that people like Mr. Kingi generally are the type to overreact to many things.
    The gym he was apart of specifically is located in the queer sector of Auckland, and they have queer staff.
    They are very accepting people, and there is a general family environment(I too am a member)
    I’m not about to get bothered by a misinterpreted article which is just been skewed out of proportion to its actual intent.
    I don’t know the owners on a personal level and whether the claims of their evangelical beliefs is true.
    Either way as a friend put it, it is hardly Stonewall. These gyms are privately owned and operated. The actual snippet from the club originators was just that they find the article intriguing, as they wholly endorse Soy milk as its a perfect protein drink, and healthy for you.

    Sure not smart to put it in a news letter, but I don’t feel it was at all homophobic, I think it was more or less pointing out the share absurdity of such an article.

    But whatever, if you wish to believe someone who wants so badly to become a politician then go ahead.
    Just so we’re all clear, all politicians are full of shit, and don’t exactly do their research very well.

    To me I know Mr. Kingi, not well, but enough to have heard his politics. He’s basically a liberal form of Sarah Palin. Who just regurgitates without thinking.

  • John Kingi

    @Anon Gay Kiwi:

    Your attempt to discredit my credibility while using an anonymous identity is cowardly and is probably because whoever you are, you are likely to be someone with a chip on your shoulder which has nothing to do with the substance of this issue. Putting that aside however I’ll respond:

    1. I never took issue with the particular club or their staff. However they do of course pay a franchise fee which goes to the owners, one of whom is Mr. Paul Richards. Had you done your research you would have been able to make that link.

    2. I am not a politician. I am merely a private citizen who took issue with a mainstream company deeming a widely discredited article as being worthy of discussion despite its clear homophobic content.

    3. While you may disagree with me, I would have hoped you were able to respond to the argument without drawing personal attacks. You say you know me somehow, but because you have been too much of a coward to say who you are, I suppose I can’t respond to that claim.

  • terrwill

    This is similar to the situation with Curves here in the US. The owner of the Curves gyms is a rabid rightwing, anti Gay , anti abortion lunatic. I got all ova (in a verbal way) my Lesbian friends who were members or were contemplating joining. We are supposed to be a huge financial factor in the economy, we need to use that clout to make a stand against those whom spew hate towards us…………..

  • Fitz

    AND… I have been going to gyms since the early 80’s…. you hear idiot misinterpretations of research ALL the time. A real exerciser knows to keep their focus and not worry about what some dummy gleaned from barely reading an abstract of a research paper. I’ve been around enough to see enough trends and ‘gym knowledge’ come and go to know that my diet and exercise is too important to leave to this process.

  • terrwill

    @Fitz: Problem is that most peoples are plain ole’ lazy. Thats why every day they spend millions on “miracle weight loss” products. You want to lose weight? Here is the one and only way its going to happen: Burn more calories then you take in. You gots to do cardio to get your body to start the burn. Do some free weights. Its not that hard and within a month you will actually see results……

  • GofortiQueerty

    no. 37,
    Your a grandparent Terrwill???

  • romeo

    Hi, guys! Long story short – got busted. Got in a hurry. Should have taken the milk out of the cartons before throwing it in the lake. Hoped for a gay judge. No such luck.

    I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

  • terrwill

    @romeo: So very soyry to hear about your mistake at the lake……….. : P

    No. 38 · GofortiQueerty: ?????

  • Jacob

    lmao that is just dumb.
    Now theyre blaming what we eat!
    Jeez this is a neverending parade of stupidity!

  • scott ny'er

    @terrwill: Who u calling lazy? ::reaches for another twinkie as he switches channel to Wrestling::

  • Nathan

    I think the evangelist in question is mistaking the fact that soy promotes estrogen in men. But sex hormones don’t determine the direction of one’s sexuality, just the intensity of it.

    I’m a male with a naturally low testosterone level, who *loved* soy milk. My doctor is the one who informed me of the estrogen link. Once I stopped using soy and took up red meat, my testosterone level went up, and so did my libido, but it didn’t make me straight. It just made me from borderline asexual to a sexually greedy bastard.

  • schlukitz

    No. 43 · Nathan

    Once I stopped using soy and took up red meat, my testosterone level went up, and so did my libido, but it didn’t make me straight. It just made me from borderline asexual to a sexually greedy bastard.

    That’s a funny line, Nathan.

    Perhaps that’s what makes lions and tigers (carnivores) in the wild so ferocious. lol

  • EK

    soy is in almost everything, trust me I know, I’m allergic to soy

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