Evangelicals Come Out Against McCain/Romney Ticket

You may have heard that rumor that Republican presidential hopeful John McCain’s considering Mitt Romney as his running.

While many people think the duo would do well together, with Mormon Mitt balancing McCain’s alleged liberal leanings, thus wooing worried social conservatives, evangelical voters aren’t having it.

And now they’re telling McCain to look elsewhere…

From the Washington Times:

Prominent evangelical leaders are warning Sen. John McCain against picking former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as his running mate, saying their troops will abandon the Republican ticket on Election Day if that happens.

They say Mr. Romney lacks trust on issues such as outlawing abortion and opposing same-sex marriage and because he is a Mormon. Opposition is particularly powerful among those who supported former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in the Republican presidential primaries earlier this year.

Mr. Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, was the favorite of evangelical voters in the Republican presidential nomination contest earlier this year and won more delegates per dollar spent than any other candidate in either party.

Other well-placed Christian conservatives say that although many evangelical leaders could accept and work for a McCain-Romney ticket, Mr. Huckabee’s supporters tend to be “rabid” in their views against Mr. Romney because of his faith: They do not regard Mormonism as a Christian denomination.

An online poll of Evangelical voters found that tacking Romney onto the ticket could cost McCain between seven and ten electoral points, which would likely mean a big Barack Obama win.

Many of the “trust issues” cited above spring from Romney’s 2002 gubernatorial campaign in Massachusetts, when he said he would support gay rights. He later fought the state over the legalization of gay marriage. Romney attempted to right his Right wrongs by making “traditional families” a cornerstone of his failed presidential campaign. It didn’t work, obviously.

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  • kevin57

    The pathology of evangelicals–or at least their preachers–manifests itself again. They loved a RRR who never went to church but was their ally, while they excoriated Jimmy Carter who was devout and sincere in the practice of his faith. Romney is RRR 2.0, but he’s no good because he’s Mormon…and he actually practices his faith. This is fun to watch.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    They never decide elections anyway, they are a calculated block that always votes with the GOP (13% say Bush is doing a Great Job….) and can be calculated into the equation. They just stomp their feet and clap their hands louder than anyone else and mass-fax the FCC. They are just another disaffected group who are too blind to even declare themselves Independent. The Church has an Agenda (whether with Barack or McKane) to steal the Government’s money through Faith-based charities which they are already doing. Tax the Church!

  • Verla Swords

    I really canot beleive some of the evangelist do not beleive that Mitt Romney is not a Christian Look evangelist up in any dictionary.Mitt would be the best thing that could happen to America. He is the first one to beleive in marriage between a man and a woman only. Being a Mormon I know for a fact he does not beleive in abortion.Because at one time he left it up to the State I know he personaly does not beleive in abortion and never has.Some people are just to self rightious, and need to get a grip on life.

  • Granny T

    Romney’s religion has nothing to do with my opposition of him being on the ticket. I was seriously considering voting for Romney until I did my own research rather than just checking out how he said he stood on the issues or trusting the “conservative” media. Romney’s walk talks much louder than his talk talks. It’s his liberal record not his religion that I object to. Romneycare is bankrupting MA. His negative campaigning using half truths and outright lies turned many of us off as well. The Dems wouldn’t even have to work for their negative campaigning. All they’d have to do is air some of the clips from Mitt’s ads against McCain. “Just say no Mitt!”

  • anon

    Verla –
    Mitt Romney is NOT a Christian, if Christian is defined by the faith expressed in the Nicene Creed. -i.e. a monotheistic religion. The Mormon faith is polytheistic – believes that Jesus and “Heavenly Father” are separate g-ds and that human beings can become g-ds. This is clearly taught by Mormons, but Mitt and others don’t like to talk about it because it would highlight just how different the Mormon faith is. Mormons should of course be free to worship as they please AND they should be proud of their beliefs. It is shocking that they continue to dissemble and conceal their theology.


    PLZ I don’t believe it, the numbers Mittens would bring out to vote for McCain would stomp any disillusioned fringe evangelicals and a whole lot of them would prefer him over Huckabee because they know the later is not electable plus Mitt sees eye to eye on every single issue that they hold dear.
    This will end up as another election decide by pandering to the religious right:


    Same BS different face.

  • Granny T

    Verla needs to do a little research. Didn’t she know that Romney campaigned for the Senate seat in MA against Ted Kennedy running further to the left than Kennedy? Romney really did run as a pro-choice, pro-gay rights candidate; which is why no one trust him. He has proven he’ll say what ever it takes to win. Many wonder if he even knows where he really stands on the issues or if he just sways with the polls.

  • mark

    Mittler is devasted, after spending 45 Million for 100 delegates, and now Tony Perkins spits on him. Who does a spray tanned Mormon Ken doll have to F*CK, to get some GOP lovin’?

    Charlie Crist?

  • mark

    Rumor has it Ted Stevens was scratched from McSame’s short list of VEEP candidates.

    buh hahahahaha

  • Jim

    Kevin57, I disagree with you about Carter. Evangelicals voted for him. Billy Graham basically endorsed him over Ford. I was too young to vote for him, but my mother and father (both evangelicals) did. Carter chased evangelicals from the party. He went after christian radio stations and christian schools. Ronald Reagan was just the alternative. He was distrusted too, but he showed them he could be trusted. Mitt never did that. He talked a good game. But it was all talk.

    I actually supported Mitt early in the primary. But he just kept lying about stupid things.
    “I saw my dad march with Martin Luther King,” he said. His campaign called that a metaphor: “he didn’t mean that literally,” they said. He said he had no lobbyist working on his campaign, but when challenged he said he meant the lobbyist were not paid. “I’m a lifelong hunter.” Only he never actually went hunting. I don’t care where he stood on any of these issues, but he was a pathological liar. As an evangelical, I could care less if he mormon or whatever. I stopped supporting him because he is a liar and we’ve had too much of Bush’s lies. I stopped supporting Bush before the midterm elections. Voted for Jim Webb (D) in protest.

    You can call me a bigot for not supporting Mitt for VP because I’m an evangelical. I have reasons for not wanting him on the ticket that have nothing to do with his religion. But the fact that you make inferences that it is based on my religion makes you a bigot, not me.

  • todd

    I love the that the religious right is holding the GOP hostage to their psychotic agenda. Marginalize them, and their candidates. Reagan courted them big time and Bush was one of them – otherwise they’re an over blown presence on the scene.

  • mark

    MA just told racist mormon MITTLER go f*ck your racist homophobic 1913 law, and go f*ck yourself too Mitt!

  • mark

    odd photo above

    The photogenic Ken doll gets the soft focus, and McSame has every craggy dumpy saggy wrinkle front and center.

    that’s just mean, must have been a queer photographer who hates McSame

  • mark

    is it just me, or does McSame’s neck look like a circumcision gone horribly wrong?

  • Disgusted American

    Not that I would ever Vote for McLame..Romney would be a Bad choice for him….steal the spotlight,and probably Push ol’McLame down the stairs….OBAMA 08

  • CitizenGeek

    McSame really does look like a relic in that photo….

    Also, I would love if he chose Romney because Romney would alienate Independents and make the election a whole lot easier for Obama.

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