Evans. Protest for Gay Nup Ban

A group of about a 12,000 Evangelicals took some time yesterday to march in support of a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Shouting “let us vote” and brandishing the typical signs, the group pleaded with lawmakers to hear their calls.

Some lawmakers insist that a new amendment’s superfluous, as the state already has an amendment invalidating same-sex marriages. Others worry that the 1996 amendment’s flawed and, therefore, can be found to be unconstitutional. An amendment specifically barring gay nups, then, will ensure North Carolina’s blessed purity:

…Republican legislators who support the bill say a judicial ruling could find North Carolina’s marriage law unconstitutional, forcing the state to recognize same-sex unions. Only a constitutional amendment can protect the state, said state Sen. Phil Berger, a Republican from Eden and the Senate’s GOP leader.

“We’ve seen what’s happened in other states and a constitutional amendment will keep that from happening in North Carolina”

He went on to say that they’re hoping for a law banning homosexuality entirely, thus protecting future generation’s from the most loathsome of sins: acceptance. That would be the most terrible thing in human history. Even worse than the Holocaust.

Okay, okay, he didn’t really say that, but you can imagine it, right?