Eve Could’ve Staved Off God’s Punishment of Women if She Had a Sassy Gay Friend

Of course if she did have one, Eve would also have to worry about him crushing on Adam in the Garden of Ass Eatin’.

If Ophelia Had a Sassy Gay Friend, She Never Would’ve Drowned Herself
If Juliet Had a Sassy Gay Best Friend, She’d Still Be Alive (And a Tramp)
Othello’s Desdemona Is Saved By Her Sassy Gay Friend
Which Other Women in Literature Need a Sassy Gay Friend?

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  • Vman455

    Was that “yeah way”(Yahweh) on purpose?

  • Blah

    Haha, yes VMAN455, I think it was.

  • fredo777

    lol another golden one.

  • Brandon H

    This dude’s fucking funny! And the the setup’s for sgf are really clever, the Hamlet one was hilarious.

  • Felix

    The best one so far!

  • Stephen

    omg….he’s fine….LOL!

  • Daniel

    The process of evolution eliminates this problem but funny none the less :)

  • jimmy

    this video is a great opportunity to put VINCE ALLEN (hot guy in this video) in the morning goods this week.

  • Samwise

    I LOLed at “Yahweh!” and “Oh my God… no, he’s fine.” Definitely the best one so far!

  • jeffree

    Can we replace the tri-weekly videos of–Dare I Say His Name??–Wavey Diva, with this guy? Funnier, smarter and more cuter! P/L/E/A/S/E !!

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