Even Adele Doesn’t Know All The Words To That One Adele Song, Halts Mid-Tune


Adele has shown time and time again that while she may be a fabulously talented, famous and wealthy music legend in the making, she is still one of us.

You know that feeling when you choose a song for karaoke that you think you know all the words to, then the music starts and you realize you actually have no idea what’s about to come next?

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Adele gets that too — with her own music.

She was in the middle of wowing an audience with “Million Years Ago” when she had a brain fart and messed up the words.

True to Adele form, she handled the misstep with that good humor we’ve come to know and love.

You can catch the action below:

“I started singing the chorus,” she explained. “Sorry!”

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Adele — even when she messes up, the crowd cheers because they know they’ve witnessed something special.

A queen for the people!

(Sorry Bob.)