Even Anti-Gay Groups Can’t Believe FRC Honored Super-Hater Ron Baity

With the sheer number of mouth-breathers conspiring against us, Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council had to do something to distinguish themselves from the homophobic fray. So they gave an award to a preacher that even their ex-gay allies are speaking out against.

On Thursday, the FRC gave its top honor, the Watchman Award, to North Carolina pastor Ron Baity, whose bizarre hate-filled rhetoric is beyond the pale—even for a fundamentalist preacher.

GLAAD, which targeted Baity in its Commentator Accountability Project, has expounded on in some detail:

So who is Ron Baity?  For those not instantly familiar, he’s a guy who has said of gay relations, “I don’t think even maggots do that.”  He’s a guy who’s admitted he wants to “save” gay people so they will “quit being homos.”  He’s a guy who once asked of the overturning of laws that criminalize being gay: “What are we gonna do next, turn all the murderers loose?”  Ron Baity says our society was smarter when we prosecuted gay people, and that the gay community is signing America’s “death warrant.”  He’s also someone who, unfortunately, was often quoted by the mainstream mediain the run-up to NC’s vote to ban marriage without any of this critical context.

A column in the conservative Baptist Press indicated leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention, no slouches themselves in the anti-LGBT department, are distancing themselves from Baity and other NC hatemongers in the wake of recent videos from the likes of Charles “electrified fence” Worley and Sean “punch your effeminate son” Harris.

Even the ex-gay group Exodus International chastised FRC for honoring Baity:  “It’s time conservative Christians who claim biblical principles such as loving their enemies and neighbors, and considering the welfare of others first, to speak swiftly and strongly against this type of action,” said Exodus president Alan Chamber in a statement.  “For too long we’ve stayed silent and allowed our brothers and sisters to tip that hat toward angry and abusive rhetoric… It’s a terrible witness for Christ, and clear hypocrisy to a watching world.”

Can somebody look out the windows and tell us if pigs are flying?