the shot

Even Anti-Gay Zealots Should Be Allowed to Spew Rhetoric on Public Streets


THE SHOT — Anti-gay demonstrator Chris Pettigrew holds the sign that supposedly got him, and Pastor Billy Ball and of Faith Baptist Church, “arrested multiple times” in Manchester, Georgia, while canvassing “a public street corner telling people to repent and declaring homosexuality a sin.”

Supposedly, the pair (who were with two others) were arrested by town cops for demonstrating without a parade permit. Which, if true (and we can’t exactly trust this site with the facts), is ridiculous. Say what you will about their message, but four folks standing on a street corner showing off their lunacy without interfering with traffic sounds perfectly legal.

Which is why we’re perfectly okay with the Westboro Baptist Comedy Troupe demonstrating outside the American Idol Tour. Especially ’cause they’re so friendly! (Also: How many domain names to these people operate?)

(Thanks, Marc!)

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  • Rick

    He has gayface and probably frequents the local park looking for dick.

  • Brian

    Religion speaks again.

  • prissysissy

    Crazies like that only help the LGBT cause – it repels moderates and independents and make them more sympathetic towards us.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    What a sad looking young man. Just imagine the pain he has been through and is no doubt enduring to appear that forlorn. I predict he will either come out, or be dead in 5-10 years.

  • terrwill

    Funny thing is most of the most rabid self haters like this little prick probably is don’t use protection when they bottom, so his sign is kind of self fufilling prophecy for his own fate…….The three self hating little prick rights are:
    1- Where HE is going
    2- What HE is going to get
    3 What HE will never see

  • Rikard

    I agree with PRISSYSISSY. Additionaly they make everyone talk about it. Just being able to think homosexuality is a real break through for most americans.

  • Sceth

    It is very satisfying to send links to Westboro videos to socially centre-right and moderate friends. They always make me smile.

  • schlukitz

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    You’re right. There certainly does appear to be a lot of pain in his face.

  • Steve Leong

    We in the Gay community, have more prayer power, because we live the truth… and are persecuted for it! Let’s all pray from the bottom of our hearts that these people become enlightened to the truth that Gays are born Gay! That’s all. Let God do the rest.
    Steve Leong

  • Phoenix (I Wouldn't F--k Him With A Ten Foot Pole)


    He looks like he needs to remove the stick from his ass and replace it with a cock.

  • Gigglingfool

    is it just me or did she seem a little smitten with the guy…..

  • Tallskin

    Am I right in thinking that if this boy held a poster saying “Blacks /Niggers Suck, they will go to hell” etc that he would be quickly removed from the scene?

    Just curious

  • schlukitz


    You’re right on the money, Tallskin. America lives in a double-standard.

    Hate talk about blacks – Strictly verboten.

    Hate talk about gays – Freedom of speech.

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