the shot

Even Anti-Gay Zealots Should Be Allowed to Spew Rhetoric on Public Streets


THE SHOT — Anti-gay demonstrator Chris Pettigrew holds the sign that supposedly got him, and Pastor Billy Ball and of Faith Baptist Church, “arrested multiple times” in Manchester, Georgia, while canvassing “a public street corner telling people to repent and declaring homosexuality a sin.”

Supposedly, the pair (who were with two others) were arrested by town cops for demonstrating without a parade permit. Which, if true (and we can’t exactly trust this site with the facts), is ridiculous. Say what you will about their message, but four folks standing on a street corner showing off their lunacy without interfering with traffic sounds perfectly legal.

Which is why we’re perfectly okay with the Westboro Baptist Comedy Troupe demonstrating outside the American Idol Tour. Especially ’cause they’re so friendly! (Also: How many domain names to these people operate?)

(Thanks, Marc!)