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Even as a No. 2, Adam Lambert Still Gets Morning Show Bookings

Sure, you could’ve tuned in to The Early Show yesterday to catch Adam Lambert’s first post-Idol performance of “Mad World,” or you could get hip to UGC and prefer this grainier footage, which includes footage of what the TV cameras cut off.

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  • Joeb1212

    Who gives a shit?

  • dlpca

    I agree Joeb1212, we don’t have to give anything, but in the face of every possible opportunity for equality and respectable standing we need to support each other. If we don’t support our own how can we expect support from “them”? Granted Adam Lambert is a singer, not a politician. But clearly there is pattern of media’s every effort to politicize and wrongly represent the so-called “Gay Agenda”; thereby setting gay separate and apart from straight, whenever convenient. This is blatant targeting. We get it from “them” enough and should not do it ourselves. We have to stand together or we shall surely fall apart.

  • Kbutterum

    @dlpca: He hasn’t said he’s one of us, he’s made no declaration, in fact he evades. I cannot, with clear conscience, support him especially now. If I was his partner, given with what happened yesterday I’d give him a ultimatum. To your point,”If we don’t support our own how can we expect support from “them”?” Right now, no matter that he’s dresses as Gemstar Rainbowbrite and may seem to be one of “us” Until he declared otherwise, he’s still one of “them”

  • Captain Freedom

    @Joeb1212: I DO!

    In the Prop 8 era it is time for gays to come out in full force! The reason Prop 8 passed is because gays got complacent and let the Christian Race Federation shove its fascist agenda down our throats.

    Without people like Adam Lambert who is publicly effeminate and gay we risk falling back into obscurity. He has mainstream crossover appeal and he could be a messenger to Americans everywhere.

    So I do give a crap! GO GLAMBERT!

  • Captain Freedom

    @Kbutterum: EVADES??? How do you know this?

    He has never commented publicly about his personal life nor should he. He has never denied who he is. He has been unafraid to take his boyfriend to events for American Idol.

    I think you’re talking about Clay (I won’t come out until I’m irrelevant) Aiken!

  • james ii

    this is not the sort of thing that i have time for, but i believe that if you were to compare the post-Idol success of the ‘winners’ with that of the No. 2 and 3 finishers, you’ll find that the ‘winners’ haven’t had as much success as the others. So no biggie there.

    and for everyone saying “I can’t support him! He’s a disgrace! How dare he not tell the world he’s gayyyyy!!???!!” Gimme a feckin’ break. Give the kid a break. Give me a call once you are in his shoes. Until then, find another place for your rage.

  • rrr

    @Captain Freedom: He hasn’t denied like Clay, but it’s true he has evaded. After the competition was over he was asked if he wanted to clear up matters about his sexuality and he responded that he didn’t want to because speculation was more interesting.

  • dgz

    everyone who knows him knows he’s gay. he’s even basically announced it on stage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZSHm4x4TGk

    plus, why bother issuing a press-release if the media’s already outed you?

  • Kbutterum

    @Captain Freedom:Thanks RRR When asked he evades. He neither confirms or denies it. He hasn’t said Yup I’m gay. Even though the world knows it He hasn’t said it. He is now in the public eye so his personal life isn’t so personal anymore.

    To your point, “In the Prop 8 era it is time for gays to come out in full force!” He hasn’t done so. He’s got a opportunity to educate.

    When Clay was on AI I said, yay a gay contestant. I knew, as most us gays did. But it took him years to come out, as you put it “Clay (I won’t come out until I’m irrelevant) Aiken!” I fear the same for Adam. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Kbutterum

    @dgz: There is power in a public declaration especially after you’ve become famous. I think you have an obligation. It chips away at the ideas and stereotypes people have on what they think being gay is. Studies have shown people have more compassion when they know a gay person than those who don’t.

  • dgz

    @Kbutterum: don’t get me wrong; i totally see your point, although personally i prefer letting everyone retain their privacy (i don’t think i have a right to know anyone’s intimate info). in a case like this, when everyone already knows, and there’s no denial in the face of overwhelming evidence, is there really any harm? especially now, since his career doesn’t actually exist yet.

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