Even Beyoncé Loves The YouTube Homage To Her “Countdown” Video

This week YouTube user kkpalmer1000 gave every gay in the world a heart attack with his flawless Snuggie-based cover of Beyoncé’s “Countdown” video.

Well, it turns out Bey is a fan as well: She posted her admiration on Facebook, saying “I think he did this video better than me.” Well, we don’t know about all that, but you can watch the two versions side-by-side below and decide for yourself.

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  • um...

    The vid is great. I thought the kid was like 12/13 – turns out he’s in his early 20s.

  • scribe37

    @um…: I was going to comment that I wasn’t comfortable with a young kid being sexualized at this age, but your statement clears that up. Whatever the guy’s age, he has some strong editing skills.

  • John

    That’s it; I quit! No more guessing people’s age for me, it’s completely impossible.

  • Kevin

    @scribe37: I thought he was in his upper teens, but even so I don’t really get the objection. It’s not like someone put him up to it or he’s being marketed in a sexual way. Obviously adults shouldn’t project sexuality onto children, but it’s totally natural for someone of that age to be, at least somewhat, a sexual being. Don’t people remember their own childhoods?

  • Spike

    @um…: I have a asian friend that is 23, he will be showing his ID at bars until he is 30. On the flip side, somewhere in his late 50’s he will wake up one day and look 80.

    Love the snuggie blanket outfit. The guy is cute and hilarious.

  • Basch

    @John: Asians, man. They don’t age like the rest of us.

  • Max lee

    It may be possible that he fake his age for youtube.. i noticed that the girl in the video is so young. he may be in his teens

  • realgay

    When you have no eyebrow ridge you can look a lot younger than you are. Take Don Lemon and Will Smith for example. It’s a possiblitiy this person lied about his age so he could watch age-restricted videos. He doesn’t have an adult hairline and he’s thin, usually guys put on some weight after their teen years when they are not as active. The video is very good.

  • Pete N SFO

    How do you learn to do that stuff???

    Omigod, I couldn’t even imagine it, much less create it.

    Srsly, help me… how do you do that?

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