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Even Carrie Prejean’s Sister Is Surprised to Learn She’s a Gay Rights Activist


Nobody was more surprised to learn anti-gay marriage advocate and Miss California Carrie Prejean had a gay activist for a sister than … her own sister.

After the same-sex marriage question fall out, Prejean told Access Hollywood that her straight sister was a “gay rights activist” who told her that she stands by and fully supports her position, all part of Prejean’s publicity spin stop-gap.

Except: “I have never even given myself that title. I was kind of surprised that she mentioned it, but I think she wanted to get the point across that our family is tolerant,” says Christina Prejean, adding, “A couple weeks back, I attended a public forum in Idaho about protecting the LGBT community against discrimination. That was the very first thing I attended, and I told her about it on the night of the pageant, after she said she felt bad that people might be offended by her response. … But that’s obviously such a hot topic that either way, someone was going to be offended.”

Ah hah. So it appears calling Christina a “gay rights activist” is the same as calling Carrie “the winner of Miss USA.” Both are gross exaggerations of the truth.