Even Evangelical Leaders Are Denouncing Antigay Franklin Graham

franklin graham

Antigay preacher Franklin Graham is set to appear at a “Festival of Hope” event in Vancouver but not all religious leaders in the Canadian city are pleased by this fact.

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“Rev. Graham is a polarizing figure…His ungracious and bigoted remarks have the potential to generate serious negative impact on the Christian witness in Vancouver,” reads a statement signed by five Catholic and Evangelical leaders, reports the Vancouver Sun.

“We…denounce the frequent incendiary and intolerant statements made by Rev. Graham, which he unapologetically reiterates,” the letter continues, which was signed by Marjeta Bobnar of the Catholic archdiocese, City in Focus president Tom Cooper, Tenth Church pastor Ken Shigematsu, Calvary Baptist pastor Tim Dickau and First Baptist pastor Tim Kuepfer.

Graham, who heads the charity Samaritan’s Purse, lead a crusade in Toronto in 2014 that drew 40,000 people.

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After the Toronto event, Samaritan’s Purse terminated a Canadian volunteer because she refused to sign a statement opposing abortion and same-sex marriage.

Graham has said that gay people must repent or spend eternity in hell and has called gay Christians “the enemy.”

He has also supported Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the country.