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Even Exodus Doesn’t Want Uganda Killing Gays. Because Then Who Will They Convert?


Through its conversion therapy programs, Exodus International claims it can change homosexuals to heterosexuals if they want it bad enough. And, if not, they can at least train you to become celibate, and reconcile your same-sex attractions with your religious beliefs. So you would think that Exodus, an international organization, would look to a country like Uganda as a plump feeding ground for potential converts. And yet the group is criticizing a move there — supported by President Yoweri Museveni and some lawmakers — to make gay sex a crime punishable by death.

Uganda is free to make homosexuals feel marginalized, but they shouldn’t persecute and kill them! That’s the message Exodus’s chief Alan Chambers (pictured, top) is sending to President Museveni (pictured, below) , writing Monday in a letter to him: “If homosexual behavior and knowledge of such behavior is criminalized and prosecuted, as proposed in this bill, church and ministry leaders will be unable to assist hurting men, women and youth who might otherwise seek help in addressing this personal issue.”


The letter, co-signed by Exodus EVP Randy Thomas, Moody Bible Institute professor Christopher Yuan, and this guy, continues: “The Christian church cannot and should not condone homosexual living or gay-identified clergy within its leadership, but it must be permitted to extend the love and compassion of Christ to all. We believe that this legislation would make this mission a difficult if not impossible task to carry out.”

You see, if you execute all of Uganda’s gays, there will be nobody left to heinously convert. Even Exodus understands, that’s bad business!