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Even Gay-Friendly Straights Find Same-Sex PDA Revolting



• No matter how much you straights love the gays, seeing two dudes kissing is repulsive. And: morally wrong.

• The Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration is the first NGO “to focus exclusively on refugees and asylum seekers fleeing sexual and gender based violence.”

• New York State Bar Association endorses same-sex marriage. Connecticut’s Sen. Chris Dodd does too. And Pennsylvania State Sen. John Eichelberger, who is sponsoring a bill to ban same-sex marriage there, is proud to be “allowing [gays] to exist.”

• The mayor of Mulberry, Florida, was allegedly attacked in the early morning by his partner, who brought home a stranger from a club.

New hope for HIV treatment that hopes to “eradicate HIV in the body by both suppressing replication and stopping the division of memory T-cells.”

• “I don’t want the pressure to let up on President Obama, but I don’t want committed GLBTs and allies to give up on him either. Our voices need to encourage him to keep going in the quest for complete equal rights under the law. We will remind him that we are here to defend him from attacks from the Right as he makes way for GLBT freedoms and support him as he kicks down the walls. We also need to remind our members of Congress that we want them to give Obama a bill to sign.” —NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Karol Collymore

• First D.C., now Boston: Another DNC fundraiser boycott from GLBTs.