Even Gayer Games

Advocate Gay Games cover

We just finished watching the Winter Olympics and with Johnny Weir and the rest of those fit figure skaters, we can safely say the games were as gay as they always are. But this is a lucky year for us queers. Sure we had the flamboyant Olympics but this Summer will bring not only the return of the Gay Games, but the 1st Out Games which are to be played in one of our fav North American cities; Old Gay Montreal.

The last few Gay Games have ended in bankruptcy. So the gay person’s bible, The Advocate is showing its support (and giving both queer games some much-need advertising) by doing what it can to help from prevent the games from going the way of Ellen’s sit-com career; They’ve featured hot athlete on its cover. That alone has convinced us to make a trip to the Windy City this summer. That’s what we call a spectator sport.

Different games, familiar hurdles [The Advocate]