Even Hillary Clinton Gets Distracted By Hot, Shirtless Men


At a campaign rally in Buena Park, California earlier today, Hillary Clinton got a little, ahem, hot and bothered when two young gentlemen unexpectedly took off their shirts for her. One of them had a giant “H” scribbled across his chest.

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As soon as security noticed the men, they began escorting them out of the room. That’s when one of the guys yelled, “Hillary, they’re kicking us out because we don’t have our shirts on!”

“They’re making us leave,” the other chimed in.

“Because we don’t have shirts on!” the first man added.

And that’s when Mrs. Clinton told secret service to let the two stay. Under one condition.

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“Well, um, you know what, as long as they don’t take anything else off,” she said from the podium.

Then, never missing an opportunity to remind folks just how ready she is to be commander-in-chief, she added, “You know, you gotta make split decisions. That’s what leadership is about.”

She continued: “OK, where was I? I gotta admit, it is a little distracting standing up here looking at them. So I’m gonna look over this way, and I’m gonna look over that way. I’m gonna look back there.”

Future female presidents. They’re just like us.

You can watch the exchange below:

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h/t: Politico

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  • Billy Budd

    Hillary is fabulous. That is what I would do if I were the candidate.

  • Alistair Wiseman

    “Future female presidents”?

    More like future female inmate.

  • ingyaom

    @Alistair Wiseman: Ha, ha. See you on Inauguration Day… Oh, yeah, you’ll probably miss it because FOX won’t cover it, because that’s obviously where you get your “information”.

  • Texan78730

    If the two men were shirtless women, she’d really pay attention, that’s for sure

  • gollygeegaygoy

    Hillary upsets our enemies : That is just one of many reasons to vote for her : Hillary 2016 ! America is already great (Thanks Obama), and she will make it greater.

  • Sluggo2007

    Hillary nailed that one!

  • o.codone

    That old dried-up hag wouldn’t know what to do with her jay-jay, even if she could find it between the fat rolls. And look, she’s wearing an outfit made from an old herculon couch. Ugly. And she intends to open the country to a bunch of extremist muslims who are coming after the gay girls. Hillary is a dangerous, undeserving carpetbagger. Just say no to Hillary.

    Can we get the radical faggot Milo Yiannopoulos to run for office? I’d vote for him. Nobody noticed b/c the media blacked it out but BLM just held him against his will at DePaul Uni. He states that gays who vote for Hillary are suicidal. I agree. Think it over girls. It’s a really bad decision. You are really uninformed and even stupid if you just run out in your pink yoga pants and pull the lever for Hillary. Really stupid.

  • JessPH

    @o.codone: So vote for Trump who would appointment judges and justices that will reverse pro-LGBT rulings equal rights advocates have been fought for decades? Shame on you. Do the world a favor, please get sterilized and spare the human race from your DNA.

  • JaredNorthcutt30

    But being shirtless is our birthright as cisgender men! This is why I like Bernie Sanders rallies. Women feel compelled to get their nipples out.

  • o.codone

    @JessPH: I am voting for Trump, and you can take care of my share of those sad, sunni killers. And, about the DNA, too late, the seed’s been sown already.

    Oh yeah, look at you. Such an upstanding democrat, liberal, co-exist, tolerant person who is demanding that I get sterilized because I hold views different from yours. It’s about time you took your own inventory girl, because you and your rot may have to come first.

  • mz.sam

    You go girl, carrying on the Obama legacy…Humor in the White House 2017. YAY, HILLARY!

  • GayEGO

    Nature is nature, Hillary made the right decision to let them stay.

  • dwes09

    Always amusing to see posters like Mr. “Wiseman”, who aggressively eschews wisdom of any sort, and Mr. “Codone”, who certainly seems addled by the drug he has chosen to name his avatar after. Neither understands the difference between facts and wishful thinking (for example, Clinton is ACTUALLY in no danger of being indicted or imprisoned for anything; all attempts by the wingnut right to pin fanciful accusations on her have failed for the past 20 years). Both are embarrassingly eager to plant their tongues way up the buttholes of their right wing idols, strangely happy to be seen as lesser humans by them.

  • Rude Drew

    She didn’t support us until it was more beneficial to her than to oppose us! I will never vote for that lying old pandering hag!!!

  • dwes09

    @o.codone: “That old dried-up hag wouldn’t know what to do with her jay-jay, even if she could find it between the fat rolls. And look, she’s wearing an outfit made from an old herculon couch. Ugly. And she intends to open the country to a bunch of extremist muslims who are coming after the gay girls. Hillary is a dangerous, undeserving carpetbagger. Just say no to Hillary.”

    1. Criticising a person of undeniable substance and intellect on the basis of personal appearance (and I’m willing to bet you reserve this kind of shallow immature criticism for women only) is adolescent, and quite frankly stupid. But let’s face it, your comments do nothing at all to counter the notion that you are stupid. By contrast one need only look at Trump’s words (both grammar and content) to criticize him in meaningful and important ways.

    2. Please provide proof (links or articles) that Clinton specifically intends to change immigration policy regarding Muslims, especially in regards to the percentage of extremists allowed in. Can you? Or is it just another delusion of yours encouraged by the right wing tale-spinners you so eagerly get skull-fucked by?

  • dwes09

    @Rude Drew: So then, you prefer people so intellectually rigid that they cannot evolve over time?
    Trump does not support us, Cruz would rather die on a cross than support us. Calling her an “old hag” shows the lack of intellect that goes into your political choices! If one wants to assign age and “hagginess” between the democratic candidates, the title goes to Sanders who is both older and more shrill/unattractive in presentation.

    The issues here are obviously experience and ability to be effective in governance, understanding of international affairs and diplomacy. NOT personal appearance. Hillary wins.

  • dwes09

    @Rude Drew: As for “lying” (though I doubt you have the bast grasp of the difference between lies and truth), The various non-partisan fact checking sites rate Clinton’s level of honesty highest among the other candidates, including Sanders. She has told fewer outright lies and bent/spun the truth less. In contrast to your whining claims, that actually means something.

  • JessPH

    @o.codone: Good job replying to the argument i raised against Trump.


  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    @o.codone: I don’t know what type of heavy drugs you are taking, but you need to stop, please for your own sanity.

    You seriously will vote for Milo? You do realize he’s going to turn the white house into a burlesque house right?

  • dmanhart

    Where the hell has THIS Hillary been. She actually is relate able. Nice sense of humor. When her guard is down.

  • dwes09

    @dmanhart: What we see of her is which soundbites the press chooses to air. And remember who owns the majority of broadcast and print media. Then there is the picture of her painted over 15-20 years by those on the right who have always disliked both Clintons, a picture unfortunately embraced by many otherwise progressive people.

  • Rakkaus

    Hillary trying too hard to seem like a human being. Reminds me of Mitt Romney in 2012. Hillary’s going to “look over here” away from those two ugly shirtless idiots because they’re an annoyance when Hillary is trying hard to stick to her pre-programmed talking points, the only time she is comfortable.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    “…Clinton’s level of honesty highest among among the other candidates….”

    Step away from the Kool-aid.

  • GC1985

    The little republican chestbeaters on here beating their chest while popping pills (you know which one!).

    Yes, say Hello to President Hillary Clinton for me next year. She even tied with Trump in Georgia and Mississippi. This could be one of the biggest defeats for republicans since Barry Goldwater. When those with inferior intellect on here say she should go to jail… it’s rather ironic. They support a party of organized crime and support someone who evaded racketeering charges (Donald Trump). Donald Trump did business with S&A Concrete (Fat Tony Salerno’s front business for funneling money).

    Donald Trump is constantly linked to illegal land dealings in Central America. He does those deals in other countries because they would be against the law here in America.

    Codone is a druggy whose brain is turned to mush, and Alistair has the intellect of a gnat. You can’t say too much about that.

    @Alistair Wiseman: You shouldn’t be freebasing crack cocaine.

    Anyways, when a lunatic republican screams about how evil Hillary is, it’s hilarious seeing who they are supporting (a corporate criminal who should be in prison for 40+ years for taking money from mobsters and prostitution). Hillary has not committed any sort of crime.

  • GC1985

    http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/georgia-trump-clinton-sanders-223195 – Hillary is making various republican states competitive. This could be the biggest blow-out since 1964.

    Another shocker:


    Mississippi. Yes. Hillary has made Mississippi competitive.

    Donald Trump is the most unpopular, hated candidate in modern history with disapproval ratings nearing 70%.

    @dwes09: You can’t ask for substance from a druggy who is incapable of even a rational thought.

  • o.codone

    @GC1985: Trump. The largest turnout in republican party primary history. That’s how unpopular he is. And, Gio. how the fuck old are you? Barry Goldwater? I had to google it. What are you, like 70? When you go upstairs, tell your Mom I said hi.

  • GC1985

    @o.codone: I can read a history book you fool. And as far as the claim of the largest turnout in history. Bullshit. Democrats have had more turn out. Largest turn out, yet Hillary still has more votes than Trump. You are just downright stupid. I will debunk your highest turnout claim (which is a false one anyways) with an article. Some 30% of republicans have even said they would vote for Hillary, stupid.

  • GC1985


    The reality. Republicans have a electoral map strongly tilted against them. And they really aren’t bringing in new voters. Just republicans that vote in the general. The real irony is democrats still turned out more people and Hillary has more voted than anyone. So much for that stupppppppiiiiiddddd argument. Try again codone. The drugs must be burning your little mind.

  • GC1985

    @GC1985: *more votes than anyone.

    Democrat turnout was surprisingly strong in Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana too. Bringing into serious doubt whether republicans can even carry once reliable red states. Scary times to be a codone drug user.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    You are correct. Of course, you would never hear this factual analysis from the mainstream media.

    The Republican Party has set a party record this year in pre-convention state election turnout with over 28 million votes to date which is 136% of the record high voter turnout in 2008. That’s four million more votes than the Democratic primary race this year.

    A new Republican record has been achieved and there are still five states left to vote including California.

    This increase in votes can be attributed to Donald Trump showing that Republican voters (or in the least, Trump supporters) are highly motivated voters in 2016.

  • GC1985

    That is absolutely incorrect and does not take into account states that have recently voted. Democrats have had larger turn out when taking New England states (as well as New York into account). Maybe you need to get some more updated figures? And that turn out means nothing when Republicans haven’t brought in any new people. Registration is way down even compared to four years ago. It is said Republicans only number 25% of the US population now and Democrats number about 44-47%.

    So basically the primaries just have registrated republicans turning out who would have otherwise turned out in the general and democrats surpassed Republican turn out weeks ago. Leave it to Alistair to use outdated numbers which were after Republican states voted and distort the reality.

    Highly motivated but shrinking minority. Won’t matter much when women turn out in droves. Calling one of the most popular women in this country Pocahontas will come back to haunt your brainless moron of a candidate.

    Oh and your reference to California is absolutely hysterical. We don’t even elect rethuglicans to any state wide office. By that time, democrats will be 4-5 million pass Republican turn out.

    Come Alistair.. you fail so badly at this.

  • GC1985

    So why is Alistair so incapable of discussing the consistently close polling in states like Mississippi and Georgia? Your stupid candidate can’t even have a lock on reliably republican states. Mississippi for goodness sakes.

    Here is a number Alistair and other phonies will never answer… 30% of Republicans have indicated they will vote for Hillary if Trump is the candidate. Come on… even Marco Rubio would have done better against Hillary.

    Some stupid loud Trump supporters can’t override the will of the people.

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