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Even If Darren Everett Criss Doesn’t Play Kurt’s Boyfriend, He’s Still Going Gay For Glee

If not Chord Overstreet, then which new Glee actor must the kids start obsessing over as a possible boyfriend to Chris Colfer’s Kurt? Perhaps Darren Everett Criss!

The series’ incoming actor will definitely be playing gay, E! tells us, as Blaine, who competes with the rival glee club the Dalton Academy Warblers. But it’s not definite that he and Kurt are gonna do the freak nasty.

Was is certain, however, is that creator Ryan Murphy couldn’t deal with Criss’ mop of hair — so it was chopped off.

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  • SpiffyShindigs

    Best news ever.

  • Hilarious

    Wow he’s hot. Under that jungle that was surrounding his head anyway.

    Kurt wins no matter how this turns out.


    Ryan Murphy has stated that Kurt’s BF is going to be a new charachter who plays football. Pretty much means Kurt is gonna be strumming Chord…………

    This guy cleaned up ok, but can someone let me know just exactaly when Hollywood ran out of teenage actors to play teenage actors?????

  • Hilarious

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Underage actors can only work a certain amount of hours. It halts production and costs way more money than necessary. There’s a little more too it, but that’s the main reason.

    Besides I don’t have to feel bad about drooling over “teens” and/or watching “teen” shows when the actors are usually all over 21.

    I’d be really grossed out if I found out I thought a 16 year old was hot and well I probably wouldn’t be interested in watching real kids doing half the things they do on Glee or shows like it.

  • Cam

    hey, I’d rather have two new gay leads each with boyfriends. Just because one new gay character shows up, doesn’t mean he would automatically date Kurt. We all know, from horrible fix up attempts from straight friends, that the myth of “Oh, you two are both gay so you’ll LOVE each other!” just isn’t true.

  • David

    Too bad the hair got snipped

  • jason

    Ryan Murphy is a cunt who consistently failed to put male-male action in his other series, Nip-Tuck. Instead, he filled Nip-Tuck with heterosexual and girl-girl action, a recipe that accommodates the orientation and fetishes of sleazy men who watch “straight” porn.

    Ryan Murphy will not put any male-male sensuality (kisses etc) in Glee as far as I’m concerned. You dumb morons in the GLBT community are being led up the garden path by the powers-that-be at Glee who are intent on keeping you watching without actually delivering on male-male action.

    Ryan Murphy is a bona fide cunt.

  • Cam


    So i’m curious Jason….who is more gay unfriendly…..Ryan Murphy, or the guy that called all of us in the GLBT community morons?

  • Xtincta

    I liked him more with the hair….. But he’s still cute.

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    I like him better with the hair, too. In fact, Ryan Murphy must not know a lot of male teens, either gay or straight, since having long, shaggy hair is in right now.

  • counterpoll

    @Jason: when you use redundant and offensive terms such as ‘you dumb morons’ that leads logically to two questions:
    (1) Are there ‘smart’ morons? [Your redundancy bespeaks of neuro-degenerative illness.]

    (2) When you begin name-calling, do you believe that this *increases* or erodes support for your fact-free and logic-bereft analysis. Officially this would be deemed “self-defeating” behaviour. Why do you not adapt your approach in light of abundant feedback that you create backlash, and irk even people who might otherwise agree with you.

    Do think about it.

  • Alanna

    I knew about D.Criss before he got on Glee. Yeah. You guys should all look him up. He’s such a great musician!

  • MrDivaBitch

    So CUTE!

  • jason

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for Glee to show a male-male relationship. I can guarantee you that it won’t.

    Glee is not a gay-friendly show. Camp-friendly, yes. Gay-friendly, no. This notion that it is gay-friendly is simply a marketing ploy designed to get us gullible gays to keep watching the show. It’s a tactic that is very similar to how the Democrats keep promising to repeal DADT without actually wanting to.

    Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee, does not have a good track record in terms of depicting male-male romantic relationships on his shows. From recollection, his previous show Nip/Tuck was like porn for sleazy straight guys. There were plenty of male-female and female-female scenes but virtually no male-male ones.

    I don’t resile from the notion that Ryan Murphy is a cunt.

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