Even Iraq + Afghanistan Veterans Don’t Give a Damn About Serving With Gay Soldiers

Military readiness and the mental well-being of soldiers is why Pentagon officials aren’t budging much Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, right? Even though the military’s own research shows gay soldiers aren’t a problem? Oh, and this: even enlisted soldiers don’t give a shit about serving with gays.

Relays RAND study co-author Laura Miller, who looked at a poll from 2006 from Zogby International (generally considered one of the more conservative-leaning pollsters) of 545 U.S. service members, including all military branches and various ranks, who had served in Iraq or Afghanistan: “Service members said the most important factors for unit cohesion and readiness were the quality of their officers, training and equipment. Serving with another service member who was gay or lesbian was not a significant factor that affected unit cohesion or readiness to fight.”

They’re talking about people like Iraq vet Darren Manzella, kicked out under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but who was just as capable as his comrades in serving this country. (via)