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Even Julian Bond Can’t Understand Why Obama Doesn’t Support Gay Marriage

We did not mean to leave Julian Bond, the 10-year chairman of the NAACP, off yesterday’s National Equality March hullabaloo. This extraordinary human treasure is a crucial link between two groups of people who overlap for all the right reasons (there are gay blacks, and black gays) and all the wrong ones (we are both discriminated against). It certainly helps that, as we’ve seen before, Mr. Bond knows how to give a speech. On Sunday, he delivered one that, we couldn’t help but notice, could aptly be directed as the sitting president.

Says Bond: “Black people, of all people, should not oppose equality. And that is what gay marriage is all about. … No people of good will should oppose marriage equality. We have some real and serious problems in this country. Same-sex marriage is not one of them. Since when did we believe trust, loyalty, and love are bad things?”

We might remind you: President Barack Obama opposes marriage equality.

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  • Scott NYC

    Of the 400 people who spoke (5 hrs.) Julian Bond could have been included in a group of 25 speakers. The rest was all “look at me, look at me.” It was a waste of time.

  • DeAnimator


  • alejandro

    wow. what a great speech. his was the only one i could listen the whole thing :P

  • schlukitz

    What an eloquent spokesperson for the LGBT movement.

    Thank you, Mr. Bond. We are honored that you have chosen to stand beside us as we stood beside you back in the 1960s when the black community was struggling for their civil-rights.

    Together, we shall overcome.

  • Ri

    Great introduction, and great speech by Mr. Bond. Thank you sir.

  • Cam

    Great Speech. Thank you Julian Bond!

  • afrolito

    Clever! Using Julian Bond’s words (out of context) to illustrate that blacks above all others have no excuse for discrimination.

    And spare me the Saint Julian ass kissing, when I know most of the whites who post here have never heard of him, or know his incredible achievements as a black civil rights leader.

  • schlukitz

    Aw Jeez, Edith.

    We got them gosh-durn, fag-haters here again, usin’ this place like it was some kind of public convenience!

  • Cory

    So good to hear this from JBond…

  • jimmy


    Given the event Mr. Bond was speaking at, what exactly is the correct context of his words? It would be hard to misunderstand his message.

  • schlukitz

    Jimmy, pay no mind to Afrolito.

    He has proven himself to be nothing more than a contrarian, poop-stirrer in addition to being racist toward gay whites.

    He is not to be taken seriously.

  • Gregoire

    Fun fact — did you know that Julian Bond once hosted Saturday Night Live? It was the late 70s sometime if my memory serves me.

  • afrolito


    How so? How have I proven myself to be racist against gay whites?
    You proved what an idiot you are, with that post.

  • eagledancer

    After all the kerfuffle (love that word) on Queerty over the allegations the site is insensitive to racially related issues, and has consistently had a poor track record in terms of recognizing People of Color exist as eye-candy or active leaders, I find it sadly telling its editors have to apologize for –whoops–leaving Mr. Bond out of its original coverage.

    **We did not mean to leave Julian Bond, the 10-year chairman of the NAACP, off yesterday’s National Equality March hullabaloo.**

    But ya did, Blanche…but ya did…

    Glad you at least corrected your omission.

    I remember when I was speaking with the President of our local NBC affiliate who had just said something racist, and then turned to me and said, “You know, that’s just a saying I’ve heard for years. Until now I never thought of it as racist–I didn’t mean it that way.” I told him: “The results are the same, whether you meant it or not.”

    It would seem as if you definitely need some staff who are more skilled at this stuff than your current employees are. Email me if you want my help.

  • GBM

    What else would you expect from David Hauslib but an attack on Blacks.

    She hasn’t even posted on Queerty about the 2 hispanics young men who stabbed nearly to death a white Gay Man in NY last week and the man is critical both lungs punctured. I guess not they’re not Black! So why report it!


  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    All above I concur.

    I don’t see Afrolito at ALL being anti-white.

    @ Afrolito

    Have you not posted about cute white guys on morning goods??

  • Lux

    I can’t help but to be bothered by the caption. Julian said a lot other great things in his speech but yet Qweerty just couldn’t wait to slap that one line on the front page. The singling out Of Black folks has to stop. No wonder a lot of Black Gays feel disillusioned. This myth that one race of people are more homophobic than the other or one group of people has less room to sit in judgment than the other is ridiculous and it helps no one. Homophoia is Homophobia. Bigotry is bigotry no matter you race gender or cultural history in the United States. No HUMAN BEING should be against equality. I have a question. Once we get a hold of the “Black Homophobia”, what are we gonna do about the Asian, Hispanic, White, Native American, East Indian, Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Muslim Homophobia and so on? Maybe they have a little more wiggle room to be bigots because they weren’t slaves in this country.

  • Mark-n-Dallas

    I think Julian Bond should have said the “Non-Religious Black People” should understand. The religious blacks listen to God, not JB.

  • afrolito


    Well said. Bravo!

  • schlukitz

    The Afrolito/Lux commedy team are back on stage for a return engagement at the Apollo Theater.

  • Merv

    Lux: “The singling out Of Black folks has to stop.”

    No, the singling out has to continue. It’s the grouping together that needs to stop. Black individuals who are anti-gay should be condemned, and black individuals who are pro-gay should be praised. What shouldn’t happen is to condemn all black people because of the actions of some.

    Lux: “This myth that one race of people are more homophobic than the other”

    It isn’t a myth. If you take any large groups of people, it’s exceedingly unlikely that every group will have exactly the same proportion of pro-gay and anti-gay people. Sometimes the difference is statistically significant, and sometimes it’s because of chance or poll bias. Black people, taken as a group, have pretty consistently polled more anti-gay than whites, Hispanics, and Asians, so I tend to believe there’s something to it. However, it doesn’t mean we should blame all black people. But neither should we deny the truth.

  • GBM

    @ schlukitz I don’t get what you’re saying about a return engagement at the Apollo Theater. Even though it’s not dircted at me.

    The Apollo Theater?????

    Are we Blacks suppose to accept this kind of bullshit criticism from angry gays for if Obama was never elected they wouldn’t have thought shit about homophobia in the Black community????

    While whites can’t and basically won’t critique their own communities at the same level of anger and hostility?

    Just asking?

  • afrolito


    You’re completely full of shit. On the one hand you say blacks shouldn’t be singled out for the actions of some, yet you believe as a group we are more homophobic on the planet. Your racist drivel is particularly ironic, considering the WHITE GAY DOMINATED COMMUNITY, is less welcoming than a KKK convention often times.

    Homophobia is no more rampant in the black community, than any other. Black people are not the ones responsible for gays not being able to marry, or serve openly in the military, for the past 200+ years.

  • afrolito


    Typical dumbass racist. Since you’re incapable of elevating the conversation, with an intelligent idea or though, you fall back on tired cliches, and stereotypes. EPIC FAIL.

  • schlukitz

    GBM, if you don’t get it, then you needn’t have to worry about it. :D

  • Merv

    Afrolito: “Homophobia is no more rampant in the black community, than any other.”

    Prove it. Are you saying anti-gay bigotry is exactly the same in all racial groups down to the 100th decimal place? That’s so unlikely as to be a mathematical impossibility. Using support for gay marriage as an indicator, poll after poll, for whatever reason, has shown black people to be more anti-gay. That’s just a fact. Maybe the polls are wrong, but you haven’t proven it.

    On the other hand, leading black politicians and civil rights leaders according to my very unscientific observation seem to be more pro-gay than whites.

    In any case, my point is that it doesn’t matter what the aggregate opinion of any particular group is about gay people. It shouldn’t be used as an excuse for venting racist garbage, as happens too often on gay message boards.

  • blessedguy2002

    I respect Mr. Bond a lot. We should use his speech for campaign against bigotry in black community. Rev. Ratliff, NAACP president of Iowa, who hates LGBT people should be ashamed and resigned because he is the cancer in the NAACP body and corrupting the souls of Iowan black people, specifically.

  • afrolito


    You fucking prove to me that homophobia is more rampant in the black community, than any other. Don’t fucking come at me with bogus, un scientific polls, that can be skewed to fit any agenda.

    You haven’t proven shit….other than your own inherent belief in the mythical black bogeyman, out to strip away rights your white brethren never deemed you worthy of in the first place. I’m so fucking sick of the demonization of black people, as the root cause of all homophobia, as if we have to play catch up to all the enlightened groups, who already love gays so damn much.

  • Cinci Chris

    Wow, it’s getting hostile in here. I’ve personally noticed that my gay friends tend to get a lot more dirty looks from black men than black women. Black women usually seem to love the gays while black men usually act like they’re some sort of disease. At the same time though, I’ve been called “fag” by plenty of white bro’s by liberal college campuses, so white men are certainly not exempt either. I think male hyper masculinity is the main problem regardless of race. It’s not about race as much as an ideology that men should be as masculine as possible, and if you’re not, then you should be looked down upon, taunted and insulted. People like to look at race because it’s something you can see, but in reality, I think hyper masculinity is the invisible culprit across all races.

  • texan fag


    Is this like people saying homophobic kids actually are homos? So, you having white people must mean you want to be white, right? Didn’t think so. Just shut up. As a black gay man, you are embarrassing me.

  • schlukitz

    @ No. 24 Afrolito:

    Typical dumbass racist.

    This is what you have said to me on several occasions and I have noticed that this is what you typically say to others on these posts.

    No one here has called you a racist or a dumbass, yet every other word out of your mouth, employs that epithet, preceded with an insulting, degrading pejorative or denigrating name.

    Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps it is you who is guilty of racism against whites, not to mention extreme rudeness and discourtesy?

    From what I have gathered, it seems to be your only way of dealing with anyone on this site. Apparently, you have never heard the adage that a plate of honey water attracts more butterflies than a plate of vinegar.

    You really ought to try it sometime, instead of just venting malice, bitterness and hatred for everyone you don’t like or approve us.

  • schlukitz

    Typo: “Us” should be “of” at the end of the last paragraph.

  • Unonst

    Gay Canadian here that supports your fight but…

    Obama’s thoughts on gay marriage are shared by Elton John – so why is no one mentioning this fact? Seems that us gays still love Elton he though he does NOT support gay marriage. He supports civil unions (even going so far as to Civil Union his CANADIAN partner – even though they could have been married in Canada).

    If you’re going to attack Obama at least be consistent.

    (Also Bond’s point was made by Obama back in Texas in Feb 2008 – look it up – the queer press ignored it but it’s on Youtube).

  • afrolito


    I called you out for exactly what you are…..dumbass fucking racist. Rudeness, discourtesy, and stupidity, were what you spewed on me, with your moronic comments.

  • afrolito

    @texan fag

    Your comments to me make absolutely no fucking sense, on any level.
    You embarrassed yourself, and need to shut the fuck up asap…..dumb texan fag.

  • schlukitz

    dumbass fucking racist.
    moronic comments
    dumb texan fag

    Thank you, Afrolito, for making my point!

  • texan fag


    Wow, dumb texan fag… that is the best you can come up with? You are giving your opinon more and more credibility. Like whoa.

  • afrolito

    @texan fag

    And that was the best you could come back with? FAIL

    Yep….dumbass texan fag.

  • afrolito

    @ schlukitz

    The point being, you’re still a dumbass, racist, moron.

  • texan fag


    The only racist here is you, friend. Again, credibility. You are not helping your cause. You are acting as badly as any other hate-spewer, akin to the likes of Rush. And we all know how much credibility he has.

  • Cinci Chris

    Queerty really needs to hire some moderators for these comment sections. This isn’t even a discussion anymore as much as juvenile name calling.

  • Meh

    Same ol’ Queerty. I remember why I stopped visiting this god awful site.

  • jason

    I much prefer Julian Bond to Lady Ga Ga.

  • declanto

    @afrolito: You prove you’re a racist by insinuating that no white person could possibly be as familiar with the achievements of Julian Bond as your illustrious black self.It’s put in such a denigrating manner “And spare me the Saint Julian ass kissing, when I know most of the whites who post here have never heard of him, or know his incredible achievements as a black civil rights leader.” that one can only conclude that white people are stupid racists with no discerning virtue.
    You’re obviously incapable of civil discourse, so what brings you to the forum? Just an opportunity to spew publicly?

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