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Even Julian Bond Can’t Understand Why Obama Doesn’t Support Gay Marriage

We did not mean to leave Julian Bond, the 10-year chairman of the NAACP, off yesterday’s National Equality March hullabaloo. This extraordinary human treasure is a crucial link between two groups of people who overlap for all the right reasons (there are gay blacks, and black gays) and all the wrong ones (we are both discriminated against). It certainly helps that, as we’ve seen before, Mr. Bond knows how to give a speech. On Sunday, he delivered one that, we couldn’t help but notice, could aptly be directed as the sitting president.

Says Bond: “Black people, of all people, should not oppose equality. And that is what gay marriage is all about. … No people of good will should oppose marriage equality. We have some real and serious problems in this country. Same-sex marriage is not one of them. Since when did we believe trust, loyalty, and love are bad things?”

We might remind you: President Barack Obama opposes marriage equality.