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  • Titan

    Just wanted to point out that Season 2 of Drag Race (which is 10000x better than the first season) doesn’t have the smeary lighting. It looks normal.

  • Kel

    never heard of either of these shows.

  • terrwill

    @Titan: Totally agree! I actually watch Drag Race with my two most hypermasculine straight friends……Last season it was really only a cult show that didn’t have any mainstream appeal. This season its witty, funny, and you see that there are interesting people behind the big wigs and mascara.

    Kel: Check it out more fun than a bar full ‘o drag queens… : p

  • dellisonly

    I thought The big Gay Sketch Show was gone after a great first season and a poor sophomore effort but it just goes to show you that LOGO doesn’t have a clue.

  • fredo777

    I love Drag Race + just finished watching the latest episode.

  • Cam

    My ONLY problems with the show….

    1. The decision shouldn’t be all up to Ru-Paul because he tends to get little Drag Crushes on people he thinks look “Pretty” Last years Rebecca was just sad.
    2. I get that Ru-Paul has a CD to promote, but please don’t have the girls lip sync or actually sing any more of RuPaul’s new music. If it was any good it would have been a hit, it isn’t. 3. Once in a while, through a funny or old song in there to mix it up.

  • terrwill

    @Cam: Agreed,Ru really does rule the roost there. She tends to get a little too divi-ish in stating over and over again “I have made my decision” . And this season she is getting some fairly big names as guest judges. She needs to be carefull or she won’t be getting so many acceptances to invites next year. Maybe it should be Ru’s Rules Drag Race………

  • tofer david

    cam, are you actually watching this season, or how about any of the other people being critical of the show?

  • Doug

    @Kel: DragRace is Great

  • damon459

    Have any of you see how Drag Queens are in real life ? Seriously this isn’t far fetched plus it’s her show so of course she has final say. I was involved in the drag circuit here in Montana and believe me they are all “Divi-ish”. I don’t know about the first seasons lighting but I’ve been watching this season in HD and it looks great.

  • fredo777

    I’m not sure what the problem is, but RuPaul is the ruler of the roost. It’s her show. Besides that, the whole “Silence…I’ve made my decision. Bring me the girls…” is all for added drama. Hello, drag queen? Hint: they like drama.

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