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Even More Donnie Davies Speculation!

While we’re on the subject of idiocy: there’s more speculation over allegedly Christian, allegedly rocker Donnie Davies. There’s been endless guessing since his “For The Bible Says” video grabbed headlines and stole hours of our lives, including the Radar debunked myth that Davies is none other than a drummer named Colby Stark and Joe.My.God’s assertion that an improv actor named Todd Quillen created the creationist-loving singer.

With that illusion shattered, Joe’s offered another suggestion: Texas-based actor Joey Oglesby, a man whose stellar credits include, Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical. Oglesby, however, insists he’s not Davies. Sure, they may look almost identical, but, as we said in the Radar-related piece, all white, doughy, moustached men look alike. Also, it seems to us that if Oglesby were Davies, wouldn’t he take credit for the media frenzy? Regardless, at least these talents got a little press. Now, maybe they can go back to living in obscurity. That is, unless, one of them claims to be the real Donnie Davies, in which case they’ll undoubtedly become American icons. Icons of what, you ask? Well, of bullshit, of course. And, really, isn’t that what acting’s all about?