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  • GranDiva

    I’m actually a little concerned. I see that they’re using the SPF 45, but really, with all those body parts (breasts and cocks) and no support garments, I’m afraid there may be some damage with all the long-distance running, even as much as I prefer the nudity.

    Some nice buttocks on display there, to be sure…

  • alejandro

    XD jajajajaja that was sooo bad ass!! :D loved it! great ad

  • Queerky

    Even with clothes it is hard enough to avoid other people’s sweat stains on gym equipment. This takes body secretions to another level of ickiness.The guy rested from running by sitting on the bench with his bare ass, then ran off again without wiping. Someone else will sit naked on the same bench. So, Nike=bacteria infections.

    If I am not mistaken, the clothed spokeswoman is Elvira Kurt, a lesbian stand-up comic from Toronto.

  • stud_ent

    more like bare butt running camp

  • Bob Lablah

    I wonder how much persuasion it took for the marketing firm to get NIKE to go along with this one. Have no doubt, with clothing sales taking the dive they are, a gay camp will be open as well as a strait one.

    This is one campaign that is going to do well by word of mouth.

  • boricuachick

    As fun as that looks, in reality, I wouldn’t last 100 yards without a sports bra on. My girls need a house. LOL.

  • rogue dandelion

    @stud_ent: I do declare, you are the dumbest person i have encountered on the internet-today.
    that was the joke-bear butte.

  • Steve

    @GranDiva: Humans have been running for millions of years without support undergarments. To catch prey in prehistoric times, you either had to run faster, or you had to run farther. Humans are slow, two-legged animals. So we evolved to be able to run farther and longer than our prey, rather than to run faster. When they stopped to rest, we could catch up with them and catch them.

  • dgz

    @Steve: human physiology is actually optimized for walking, not running. but you’re right, we do have some of the best endurance in the animal kingdom; right up there with the camelids.

  • anon

    so where’s the link to the uncensored version?

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