Even The Ghosts Of Anderson Cooper’s Fancy New Apartment Know He’s Super Gay

Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor somehow got her clever little paws on unreleased footage from a “spiritual appraisal” of Anderson Cooper‘s fancy new NYC apartment. And even the ghosts of that apartment know Andy’s gay!

In the footage, a British psychic comes into his house and chats back and forth with him about the history of his new apartment—a $4.3 million old firehouse that he’s owned for 2 years but had just started living in (supposedly with his bartender/bar-owner bel ami Benjamin Maisani).

Gawker doesn’t allow us to embed, so you’ll have to watch it on their site, but the thing is absolutely dripping with homosexual innuendo. Perhaps it’s just the psychic (who is kind of a psycho) playing with what she’s read on the Internet about Andy (newsflash: he’s gay but won’t say so publicly yet), but read on for a transcript of ghosts telling the psychic about something big that Manderson’s been just meaning to do, but hasn’t yet.

Psychic: I like this room. I don’t know whether you’ve ever thought about writing a book here… I think you’re putting something off.

Cooper: Putting something off?

Psychic: I don’t know whether you’re putting writing a book off, or putting writing something off. You’ve got a lot of different fingers in a lot of different pies [Ed’s note: No he doesn’t, lol], but I feel like you’re putting something off.

Cooper: [laughs awkwardly] That’s very true.

Psychic: You want it to happen, but you’re scared. You’re scared, because it’s taking you a bit out of your comfort zone.

The psychic also tells him a mysterious man from beyond the pale tells her that Andy’s “got so much stuff in storage… you wouldn’t believe it.”

Oh, we’d believe it alright. Now when is he going to take that stuff out of the closet?

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  • wc1

    He’s not in the closet. Just because he hasn’t done a ‘CNN Special Report’ on his orientation doesn’t mean he’s not out.

  • Malky

    Clearly Anderson does not want to make a public announcement about his sexuality and there there are few people left who are unaware of him being gay. People are going to debate about it forever evidently, but he obviously doesn’t care what anyone thinks about how he lives his life or whether they think he’s cowardly, he lives the way he chooses. It is too bad that he doesn’t like showing off his seriously hot bf a little more, but that might be the bf’s choice. Thought I saw a giant bear behind Anderson at one point in that clip.

  • Drew

    Cooper is a closet queen. Unless he publically comes out about being gay people in flyover country are going to assume that he’s straight, and by not coming out he’s not doing LGBT people or LGBT youth any favors since he’s a public role model and someone in the media, and it makes it seem as though he’s completely embarassed and ashamed to say he’s not heterosexual. Don Lemon came out and the media didn’t go crazy and it was no big deal.

  • JayKKKMike

    exactly, Drew. and drew and i don’t have to prove that we are out either, unlike those liberal queens on here. we can just say it and you all have to believe it because it’s true, unlike Anderson Cooper who has to prove it because he’s a stupid fem.

    right, Drew? when will those stupid queen realize that it’s only us people on anonymous chat rooms that don’t have to prove that we’re Out?

  • walt zipprian

    @JayKKKMike: hearted

  • Kirk

    I guess now that Matt Bomer is officially out (although never in) and has assumed role model status in addition to his orginal hottest human status, it leaves one less for the whiners to whine about.

  • Shannon1981

    He needs to come out. It isn’t like he doesn’t know that we know anyway. Until he says it, he is not out. Ambiguous/common knowledge homosexuality is not enough.

  • hoho

    Coming out is a important and personal thing. Everyone is allowed to come out in their own way and in their own time, just like we all got to do.

    Besides, Coop is out already.

  • Huh ...

    Oh leave the man alone. He’ll come out if and when he feels like it. Why do some of you get so angry at the idea that a man may have the right to choose how to lead his own life?

  • Rockery

    Anderson already came out on CNN, I know this is vague but a while ago someone was on AC360 and was speaking against gay marriage and I am pretty sure Anderson said “but WE pay taxes”

  • drew


    here is something else the psychic could have said:

    “It seems there is alot of meat eating in your life. Do you enjoy a good steak every once in a while?”

  • Cam

    Can all the liars give it a rest. If you have to lie to make your point, then your point is for shit.

    Cooper isn’t out. Saying that he is, is exactly the same as saying that Rosie O’Donnell was out when she was pretending to be in love with Tom Cruise because “Well Gee, GAY PEOPLE knew she was gay!”.

    Every anchor on CNN at one time or another mentions their wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend etc… except Cooper…yeah, he’s really out.

    I like his show, but to say he is out is idiotic.

  • GG

    This psychic is Lisa Williams and she is far from a psycho. She is a pretty reputable psychic who had a TV show for two seasons and does readings all over the world. I was fortunate to have a reading from her and she was, remarkably, spot on. Oh, and by the way, she is an out lesbian.

  • Curtis

    Ahhhhhhh Anderson, you Jerk!
    I waited a long time to come out.. but god damn, man.
    And you can’t come out by just starting to participate in the gay community and because everyone already knows..
    Coming out is a little LESS complicate than that.
    Just because your so cute doesn’t mean you can get away with this charade, bud.

  • rrr

    @Cam: No, it’s not like when Rosie was pretending to be lusting after Tom Cruise all the time because of the significant fact that Anderson hasn’t pretended to be lusting after some woman.

  • GreatGatsby2011

    Of course his place is haunted. I’d haunt that silver fox.

  • rrr

    @Drew: Don Lemon was allowed to come out in his own time instead of being outed, harassed and attacked by the gay media during the years he was a glass closeted CNN news anchor. Don wasn’t bothered at all. So far Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper have not been treated the same at all in regards to the glass closet, so there’s no reason to think they would be treated the same in regards to coming out.

  • Huh ...

    @GreatGatsby2011: Really? I’d just fuck him.

  • mk

    That is a false transcript. Queerty has left out words and changed words to make it sound more like the pair in the video are talking about coming out. The psychic said “you’ve got a lot of fingers in lots of different pies but I’ve feel as though you’ve got this PROJECT that you want to do that you’re putting off”. Cooper held a poker face successfully during most of the reading, but exploded with happy smiles and laughs when she mentioned the project and says “yeah, that’s very true, that’s very true!!!”. Her next response is that the library is where the project is going to happen.

    Really, Queerty? Can’t you just out a different news person for a while instead of resorting to this?

  • MKe

    I think when he goes to places in the world where homosexuality is absolutely not tolerated, he needs that anonymity. Because there, if you don’t admit you’re gay, they don’t treat you gay.

  • MKe

    @mk: I thought Gawker was worse. They’ve majorly been violating people’s privacy lately(ie Olivia Munn) and then not publishing my comments calling them out about it.

  • Rollo Tommasi

    Maybe from Anderson’s perspective there’s no real reason or incentive for coming out. He’s achieved and accomplished a great deal without ever having to disclose his sexual preference and he may have no desire to be a role model or spokesperson for the LGBT community. If he considers himself already out in his personal life, why would he feel any need to make an announcement about it publicly? There’s no motivation. He’s done a lot of reporting on gay bullying and other gay issues on his news program and perhaps to him, that’s sufficient. I would like to see him come out one day, but I don’t see it ever happening with him, but if he did, it would be interesting to know his own reasons for having held off so long.

  • Cam

    @rrr: said..

    “Don Lemon was allowed to come out in his own time instead of being outed, harassed and attacked by the gay media during the years he was a glass closeted CNN news anchor.”

    I never said he HAS to come out, I was pointing out that people who say he IS out are liars.

    You obviously agree with me, since your posts points out that he is obviously still closeted.

  • Pete

    Anderson is starting to look like my grandfather, but I like him.

  • JJ

    I do not understand why we in the gay community condemn our own for not COMING OUT!! Who forced any of you to come out? I know nobody forced me nor would I have allowed anyone to force me! I came out when I was 18 because that is what was right for me! Who am I or anyone else to decide when someone else should publicly acknowledge their sexuality? I just do not understand why our community gets so angry at public figures for not putting their face on the cover of a magazine and saying I am gay! I know we think it helps our community but I think it makes us extremely hypocritical for us to condemn those that don’t do it! I understand why he doesn’t, the fact is he has a job that that is not always fair or kind to our community not to mention, when your a public figure people are going to focus on his sexuality rather than the job he does! I say leave him alone and let him do what is right for him!

  • Kirk

    @JJ: Because there are those sad individuals that need celebrity validation as they grapple with their own individual orientation insecurities.

  • Beth

    Really!….Who really cares?? You people commenting on his preferences are sick…Find
    something to do!… Does it really make a difference to the
    person he is? a bright, thoughtful, humorous, wonderful HUMAN BEING! better look at yourself in the mirror each morning….I don’t care what preference he is and do we really have to know….?Let him be the judge and leave the guy alone, he has accomplished
    more in his lifetime than any of you (who are wondering) …..Stop it!!

  • FunMe

    I’m so glad Cooper finally got done with twinkies several years ago and is now dating a real hunky gay man. He’ll come out of the closet one day, just wait and see. On his terms, of course.

  • Xulfi

    i just find Anderson so hawt…… hope he comes out of da closet…………..
    BTW….his rumourd bf iz such a hunk.

  • Lon

    Anyone who is openly and proudly BFFs with Jesse Tyler Ferguson is NOT in the closet, lol.

    Besides, if you’re out to your friends and family, you’re out. End of story.

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