Even The Ghosts Of Anderson Cooper’s Fancy New Apartment Know He’s Super Gay

Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor somehow got her clever little paws on unreleased footage from a “spiritual appraisal” of Anderson Cooper‘s fancy new NYC apartment. And even the ghosts of that apartment know Andy’s gay!

In the footage, a British psychic comes into his house and chats back and forth with him about the history of his new apartment—a $4.3 million old firehouse that he’s owned for 2 years but had just started living in (supposedly with his bartender/bar-owner bel ami Benjamin Maisani).

Gawker doesn’t allow us to embed, so you’ll have to watch it on their site, but the thing is absolutely dripping with homosexual innuendo. Perhaps it’s just the psychic (who is kind of a psycho) playing with what she’s read on the Internet about Andy (newsflash: he’s gay but won’t say so publicly yet), but read on for a transcript of ghosts telling the psychic about something big that Manderson’s been just meaning to do, but hasn’t yet.

Psychic: I like this room. I don’t know whether you’ve ever thought about writing a book here… I think you’re putting something off.

Cooper: Putting something off?

Psychic: I don’t know whether you’re putting writing a book off, or putting writing something off. You’ve got a lot of different fingers in a lot of different pies [Ed’s note: No he doesn’t, lol], but I feel like you’re putting something off.

Cooper: [laughs awkwardly] That’s very true.

Psychic: You want it to happen, but you’re scared. You’re scared, because it’s taking you a bit out of your comfort zone.

The psychic also tells him a mysterious man from beyond the pale tells her that Andy’s “got so much stuff in storage… you wouldn’t believe it.”

Oh, we’d believe it alright. Now when is he going to take that stuff out of the closet?