Even The Patrons Go Naked At Vienna’s “Nude Men” Art Exhibition

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.20.27 AMThe Leopold Museum in Vienna made headlines last October when it launched “Nude Men” a survey of hundreds of photos, painting and sculptures from 1800 to the modern day focusing on the naked male form.

It wasn’t so much the artwork that got people heated up—it was the explicit images dotting bus posters and other public outlets. The Leopold relented and covered the bare banners.

Now the museum has gone to the other extreme: On Monday, it opened the exhibition after-hours for a special nudists’ tour.  “We got requests from all over the world from people who were inspired by the exhibition, who asked us, ‘Can we visit the exhibition naked?'” said museum spokesman Klaus Pokorny. The one-off event drew nearly 60 art lovers, mostly men.

Since it opened in October, “Naked Men” has attracted more than 100,000 (generally clothed) visitors. The show, originally scheduled to close in January, has been extended through March 3.