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Even Uganda’s Christian Pastors Don’t Want Sinning Homosexuals to Be Put to Death

How did you spend your Christmas holiday? In front of the television watching Frosty The Snowman? If you were in Uganda, you were treated to broadcasts like the ones above, straight from church pulpits around Kampala, with religious leaders weighing in on the proposed Anti-Homosexuality bill. And how, while still viewing homosexuality as a sin, even they believe it’s terribly un-Christian to sentence someone to death for being such.

Let God, not man, judge the gays.


As Pastor Elijah Sebuchu, of the Kampala International Christian Centre, says: “Homosexuality is a sin. At the same time, I don’t encourage … imprisoning the people who are following homosexuality, because that’s not the solution. The solution to homosexuality is the word of God. I want to appeal to fellow Ugandans, and pastors especially, to counsel people out of homosexuality. … The solution is not to imprison them. When you kill [homosexuals], you have not given then an opportunity to repent.”

(Video via Box Turtle Bulletin)