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Even When They’re Blitzed, Guys Can Tell If You’re Attractive

“The degree of intoxication does not affect male’s ability to assess women’s beauty, while women, on the other hand, lower their bar under the influence of alcohol. Such conclusion was made by British scientists from University of Leicester after testing 240 volunteers.” Fine, but if straight guys get really wasted, does it affect their ability to assess another guy’s beauty? [Genius Beauty]

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  • dgz

    ew, queerty. that last line’s pretty skeazy.

    but this story is SO true. i never lose my eye ;)

  • Ricky

    This only proves that men (gay and straight alike) are easy and blame alcohol for their bad choices.

  • Henry Holland

    It’s like the old saying “The only difference between gay men and straight men is three beers”.

  • SaintCahier

    Weren’t it *six* beers ?

  • Ricky

    I would agree with six.

  • Gigglingfool

    I would really like to know the conditions of the experiment that produced this result, In my head i dont see how the “ability to assess beauty” is measurable

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