Even Without Graphic Anal Sex, Bruce LaBruce’s Zombie Flick Too Risque for Australia

Though porn director Bruce LaBruce’s (terrible looking) LA Zombies film was banned (stupidly) from the Melbourne International Film Festival by the Australian film board, citizens might still be able to see it — as an adults-only DVD. Or on BitTorrent, because really.

What was the Australian Film Classification Board’s big problem? Not that Francois Sagat starred in it, which we noted in November, but that “implied sex with corpses by an alien zombie in Los Angeles” was obscene.

And for the record, the film board saw LaBruce’s toned down version, which, he says, “features no explicit anally penetrative sex.”

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  • David

    Sorta reminds me of “Eating Raoul.”

    I suppose a suitable sequal would star a “Miss Manners” clone bludgeoning lesbian sex with an overdose of prim and proper good taste.

  • Steve

    Why would zombies have sex? This movie doesn’t make any sense

  • L.

    @Steve: Because as a famed 20th century philosopher said, “sex is natural; sex is good; not everybody does it; but everybody should.”

  • Fitz

    @Steve: Because one of them is Sagat.

  • Nick Farben

    I am increasingly perturbed by our current Aussie government. It’s not just this film, but they’re actually trying to create an internet filter that blocks out anything that they deem inappropriate “to protect children” etc.

    I can’t believe that whilst most of the world is evolving to be more and more liberal, our government is trying to drag us into a being a nanny-state.

    Newsflash, it’s less than a month to elections and with mandatory voting, the young internet-savvy-open-minded generation WILL VOTE. There’s absolutely no hope in trying to convince the lot of us that more censorship is a good thing.

    Aussies: Fuck Labor and Liberal, VOTE 1 ON GREENS!

  • jason

    Australia is a nanny state. In a nanny state, the government determines what’s best for you.

  • Michael

    Where is the outrage from the LA chapter of the alien zombie community? Making movies on magic mushrooms doesn’t mix in Melbourne.

  • Chris

    @jason: no jason, we’re not a nanny state. No fascist or communist governments running the place, and for the record no PATRIOT act either.

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