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  • cruiser

    Dude is a real stud muffin =:D

  • Eric

    I wonder if the “Superman” rumors are true.

  • alan brickman

    very hot hope nobody will be too jealous…..


    not all that…

    he’s quite average to be honest. and he could really lose a few pounds around the ass/legs area. he’s bordering on having thunder thighs. ew!

  • dizzyspins

    he does have a bit of a lumpy butt. So do I, but no one pays me to show it off.

    Oh, and you can totally tell that girl is his assistant, not his girlfriend. Hope she’s reminding him of his Pilates class. SNAP!

  • ChristopherM


    If you think that is fat, then you must be dizzy from your diet of Tina, Tic-Tacs, and Diet Coke.



    ACTUALLY fuckstain, I have a very healthy, balanced diet and i do a LOT of exercise so I have the perfect figure for a male. This guy has a HUGE ass and thunder thighs and could lose a lot of weight – then he’d be at his peak attractiveness, which still wouldn’t be that attractive in my opinion. His face is just off for some reason…

  • patrikb

    really queen, since you’re perfect maybe you should leave the poor guy alone. i’m sure he’s up nights thinking about his huge ass, thunder thighs, and whatever else you perceive to wrong with him.

  • scott

    how the hell can you evaluate his ass, when he’s not nude in front of you?

    You can’t see how his ass looks in proportion to his body. You can see how his ass looks because it’s in loose jeans. You can’t see his body definition and muscles or lack thereof because there are clothes. So, really, you sounded daft.

    He looks like a football player in those pics. Very hot.

  • daniel k

    Big ass? Thunder thighs? Really? I know the emaciated, no ass twink look is in, but he looks in proportion to me. He’s 6’3″ and wearing loose fitting jeans probably with boxers on. Keep your self loathing to yourself.

  • benwa

    It’s obvious that someone needs attention since he/she is posting on every comment section with words demanding someone pay attention to him/her. Where’s my yard fogger.

  • Ass Man

    Queen Bee, you’re right. Everyone, Queen Bee is right. Now go away so I can have him to myself.

  • rogue dandelion

    I call for a moratorium on baggy clothing for Brandon Routh- it is a travesty of justice.

  • Marcus

    I think Brandon’s got a great ass, personally.

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