Ever Since the Feds Left Andrew Sullivan Alone, He’s Loving Obama

How do you know Barack Obama has done wondrous things for this country? Because the rest of the world hates us less! Or rather, they love him more than Bush. Welcome to Andrew Sullivan’s litmus test.

The gay blogger has been on a rampage against the White House lately. So how has he suddenly come around to an Obama cheerleader? Well, he has been swayed by the federal government’s leniency

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  • Freddie

    We are so thrilled that Miss Milky Loads got special treatment after getting caught having sex while smoking pot on federal parks land in Provincetown!

    How nice that a flip-flopping anti-abortion pothead barebacking reichwing ultra-Catholic can continue his blathering rants on TV and in print!

    What would our faltering nation do without his erudite commentary?
    It just goes to show; fellate the properly well-connected reichwing closet cases and the world is your oyster.

  • Brian NJ

    I only want to see him sink his fangs into Oblahblah. As a bottom, he is quite disgusting.

  • Attmay

    Conservatives hate his guts, too.

    It’s obvious he has no principles and is a glorified weathervane.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Sully is a gutter snake! He relishes being hated by gays and will always take the Devil’s Advocate position to be the media whore that he is probably caused by early-stage dementia due to his barebacking preferences of multiple partners. He’ll probably put on his latex suit with the breathing apparatus for excrement and read the hate messages while self-flagellating. His supposed boyfriend is cute – must be on retainer or clearly, blind!

  • st

    What does this dum-dum know about anything? NO ONE HAS READ THE HCR BILL! CERTAINLY NOT THE PRESIDENT. It’s a 2,000 page monstrosity that none of them have read. We all want reform but most people with a brain want to know what is in the bill before blindly trust the liar 0bama.

    This guy Sullivan always seems to take the opposite of whatever gays are going.

    Potheads fail to realize that weed DOES burn your brain cells. Decades upon dedades upon decades of the bong results in this psychotic break of a person, Hurricaine Andrew, waiting to happen.

    Propaganda “He inherited the greeeeeeeatest Depression”. What Andy is lying deliberately not communicating is BO is CONTINUING the greatest depression. Barky is a Wall Street puppet who pushed the bailouts and has passed a stimulus that was supposed to stop unemployment from going past 8%. That was the BIG rush for the stim. JOBS JOBS JOBS! Well unemployment is conservatively at 10.2%. The highest it’s ever been.

    What about the Afghan hoax? Isn’t Barack the “END the war” president? What happened to that?

    Maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet with peoople.

    Andrew doesn’t realize the youth have abandoned 0bama bc they ran out of kool-aid. Seniors have abandoned 0bama bc he wants to loot Medicare for 500 billion a year for the next 10 years, and he has completely lost the Independents. Some libs are still sucking thier cups for that last drop of kool-aid, but for the most part we’ve all woken up.

  • harry

    dessicated flesh bag

  • Attmay

    @5 ST:

    “Well unemployment is conservatively at 10.2%. The highest it’s ever been.”

    I take it the Great Depression, where it never went below 14.3%, doesn’t count?

    “What about the Afghan hoax? Isn’t Barack the “END the war” president? What happened to that?”

    Nope. He said Afghanistan was “the just war” as opposed to Iraq. I don’t support Obama but I support the Afghanistan war.

    Barebackus Gluteus Maximus has no principles. He’d support Stalin if the USSR had had gay marriage. He supported George W. Bush until he came out for the Federal Marriage Amendment; then he became Public Enemy #1. He wants whoever is in power to like him. But nobody on the right or the left respects him.

  • Adam

    No principles? Because he has changed his mind (significantly) in the past?

    I disagree with Andrew on a lot of core philosophical issues, but I’ll take a conservative who publicly rejects Bush to the degree of reluctantly voting Kerry. Any day. He was dissing the war way before it was acceptable for a conservative to do so. That’s not what a weathervane does.

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