“Every Boy Band Has Got To Have A Gay One” So Meet Union J’s Jaymi Hensley

I didn’t want to do it in five years’ time when I have made money and had a career. I don’t think anyone should have to hide who they are…I’d love my career to take off to the heights of One Direction. But not enough people in the music industry are open about their sexuality…I spoke to [X-Factor judge and Boyzone/Westlife manager] Louis [Walsh] about this and he said, ‘put it this way, both of my big boybands had a gay member in them.’ So he said it fits the formula quite well! Every boyband has got to have a gay one! And Louis just said ‘do it’. I’m gay and I’ve never been happier!”

Jaymi Hensley of X-Factor finalists Union J,  speaking with The Sun about his decision to come out, while noting the statistical inaccuracy of One Direction.