Everyone Except Andrew Sullivan Thinks Obama’s Gonna Lose In 2012

According to a new ABC poll, only 37 percent of Americans think Obama will win the 2012 election; 55 percent think that the Republican nominee will win. So is it time to kiss the best LGBT rights president we’ve ever had goodbye? Andrew Sullivan doesn’t think so.

Though Sullivan says that a lot depends on the state of the economy around Election Day, he doesn’t think that GOP Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has a chance to win the nomination and he considers Rick Perry “too regional” and too far right to win a majority of voters (plus Perry just gives him “the willies”). Sullivan points out that recent polls have shown Obama as 11 points ahead of his top Republican competitor. But assuming that Mitt Romney will get the nomination because of his “electability,” Sullivan considers the 2012 election more about who will lose rather than who will win.

Image via mediajorgenyc