Everyone Except Andrew Sullivan Thinks Obama’s Gonna Lose In 2012

According to a new ABC poll, only 37 percent of Americans think Obama will win the 2012 election; 55 percent think that the Republican nominee will win. So is it time to kiss the best LGBT rights president we’ve ever had goodbye? Andrew Sullivan doesn’t think so.

Though Sullivan says that a lot depends on the state of the economy around Election Day, he doesn’t think that GOP Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has a chance to win the nomination and he considers Rick Perry “too regional” and too far right to win a majority of voters (plus Perry just gives him “the willies”). Sullivan points out that recent polls have shown Obama as 11 points ahead of his top Republican competitor. But assuming that Mitt Romney will get the nomination because of his “electability,” Sullivan considers the 2012 election more about who will lose rather than who will win.

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  • christopher di spirito

    For reasons known only to him, President Nitwit has largely ignored the number one issue every poll in the U.S., from Gallup, to Quinnipiac, to Rasmussen, cite the American people are most concerned with: jobs.

    After passing a woefully watered down healthcare bill (which consumed all of 2009), I can’t point to anything President Nitwit has accomplished beyond an unconstitutional war with Libya?

    Meanwhile, unemployment in the U.S. is rising. Gas prices are a dollar higher this year than at the same time last year and, have you seen the price of bread, meat and produce?

    I can’t take any more of Obama’s hope and change. The price it too high.

  • ewe

    It is expected of any president to follow the constitution which is what Obama says he is doing but if you go back in history following the constitution would have allowed a president to say that treating african americans as 3/5ths a human being is perfectly allowable under the constitution. So just saying you are a law abiding president that will follow the constitution makes no sense to discriminated LGBT people. The Republicans and the Democrats are not on the side of equality. It either is or isn’t and it isn’t. LGBT people need to address ANYONE who uses us as a wedge issue and that includes a president that says he will eventually evolve. After the election of course. We think. Maybe. maybe not. Perhaps. Hopefully. Hang in there. Well it might happen. It might not. We gotta just wait and see. Or oh well kinda i dont know. I mean after all. Is it November 7, 2012 yet?

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    Bear this in mind: Being neither L, G, B or T will amount to anything if we drop into a recession under Obama’s watch. And how will this recession come about? Not by the super-rich committing atrocities against the common man, as is a common myth among the left, but by the government overspending in an effort to secure votes. Gay rights will be put on the back burner if our economic status doesn’t improve, so perhaps that should be the main issue we address, rather than being able to stick a ring on a finger. Just a thought. But on that note, Queerty is right on the money: the Republican field of candidates, to put it mildly, sucks.

  • ewe

    oh and all the stupid gay blogs who promote this delusion that Obama is really LGBT friendly on marriage equality but he just needs to get elected. AGAIN? He needs to be reelected this time. So it was expected the first time by all these so called gay voices and now these same gay voices are saying well he is on our side but we just need to get him in AGAIN and then he will say we are equal to him and other people like him who share his sexual orientation. Fuck that. Fuck that nonsense.

  • Michael

    Personally I hope Obama gets reelected surprisingly.As I said before whether we like him or not trust him or not respect him or not he has indeed made a difference concerning the LGBT community.There is still much work to do as well and he needs to continue to do just that.Anyone else elected I will not support at all all the candidates are extremely anti gay and would never do the kinds of things Obama has done nor support what Obama has supported concering gay rights marriage etc…

  • ewe

    Dear Queerty: You should have the decency to get that Herman Cain advertisement off your site that is posted above. That filthy fuck is going around saying your sexual orientation is a choice and that there is no science he has seen to refute his hate speech. Meanwhile no one addresses the fact that in order for his delusional hypothesis to ring true heterosexuality would also have to be a choice which is never mentioned and the science would have to be there to prove that too which is never even asked for.

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @ewe: Good one. Have fun with that write in campaign.

  • Rolling Eyes

    Speculation as to whether Obama will win or lose the next election is premature. Until the GOP has picked their candidate for the presidency, it is impossible to say what’s going to happen. For example, a Bachmann win — though very unlikely — would put Obama in a much better position for a second term than if Romney were his chief rival. A lot of what will happen is going to depend on who is representing the GOP.

  • ewe

    @Daniel Villarreal: You ask a question. You get an answer. oh fuck you too. Independent voters are the ones that matter in case you ever bothered to observe politics.

  • ewe

    @Daniel Villarreal: blame the media for not including other candidates from other parties in the debates if you want the real reason why those who do not vote republican or democrat have to resort to a write in campaign.

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @ewe: No. Swing voters matter. Independents (especially ones that want to vote for Noam Chomsky) get swept aside by the actual competitors. Cast your vote for Noam. It’s your call if you wanna support a non-candidate dream-president instead for an administration who has actually made some headway on LGBT issues.

  • Michael


    In all honesty I consider myself independent as well.I have noticed a lot of hypocrisy egos getting in the way too much and arrogance within BOTH parties. I dont fully support either one of them therefore I am most definitely an independent.I do not vote based on which political party I want to succeed I vote solely on the issues and subject matter not which one whether republican or democrat is better then the other one.

  • ewe

    @Daniel Villarreal: but remember, it’s a free country that you’re in. you just are not being make aware of the whole picture. yeah you Dan. I just decided i am gonna hold my nose up in the air with regards to you since you started building your own perched pedestal in comment #9.

  • ewe

    @Daniel Villarreal: I have voted third party for years now. I happen to be the kind of person that votes for who i believe in. You aren’t because you have an agenda which is seperate from your ideals.

  • ewe

    @Michael: that is fantastic. It takes an intelligent person not to internalize all the fear out there and vote solely on that.

  • Little Kiwi

    @Daniel Villarreal:
    exactly, brother.

    a legion of guys who hate Obama and will happilly cut off their noses to spite their face.

    no wonder Equality hasn’t been attained. so many insecure butt-hurt whiners who are too proud to drop their perceived “points”.

  • ewe

    The dogs used to round up the sheep are instructed by the Human Beings. The sheep are the ones who always vote republican or democrat without fail. The dogs are the News media outlets and the Human Beings are the Independent voters.

  • Michael


    Ty very much thats what Ive been feeling for a long time now.In all honesty I have not realistically voted yet but come the time to vote for our new president I will be doing that.My social anxiety has kept me from many things but this country needs a good president and still I think Obama is the best man for that job especially concerning gay rights.I have softened my image of Obama as well as my previous feelings.As I said earlier no matter what any of us think about Obama he has made more leeway and progress on gay rights as well as many other LGBT related areas that any other president has ever done much less attempted.

    I respect your opinion about Noam Chomsky though.I had never really heard about him until now so thank you.I think I will look him up and see what he is all about sounds interesting to say the least.

  • roger

    it doesn’t matter who wins.

    the fact still remains that the american people will lose

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: spoken from the foreigner whose opinion means nothing when it comes to the actual race.

  • ewe

    @Michael: If you notice most independent voters do not go around like the democrat nazis dictating you must vote for Obama. Which is to say feel free to vote for who you want. That is your constitutional right.

  • Little Kiwi

    right, ewe. because you casting a write-in vote for Noam Chomsky will have a profound impact on the actual race. riiiight.

    we get it. you’ll throw a vote away because you can’t bring yourself to cast a vote for a black man. congrats.

    you’re officially less hip and intellectually “with it” than my 98 year old grandmother.

  • ewe

    @roger: wow. now that’s a progressive lead in. thank you.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: i forgot that Little Kiwi thinks she is gODD. So you never answered my question why it is that when i told YOU were full of fear you answered New York is not fear. You twiste egomaniac. Living in a box in Chelsea if you’re lucky is not the full essence of New York Ms. Toronto.

  • Michael


    Ty very much I like being an independent .The only problem with that also is I have not changed my political status.I do not know how to go about it so im officially liberal democrat but I do not think of myself as that anymore.That was years ago.I think and know I am an independent now I just need to change my political affiliation to that. Like I said I have no idea how that works.

  • Little Kiwi

    you said i lived in a “state of fear.”

    Well, I live in New York State, Brooklyn to be specific. That aint fear. Toronto is a great hometown, though.

    i don’t live in fear, you are the one posting angry rants from a place of cowardly anonymity. not me. ;-)

    but kudos on your racist vote. congrats. you’re just like your father. only it won’t make him any less ashamed of you.

  • fredo777

    “…the Republican nominee will win”

    Regardless of who that nominee is? That seems pretty silly to jump to such conclusions. Besides which, if that particular nominee is any of the ones who are most prominent in the GOP camp right now… yuck.

  • Michael

    @Rolling Eyes:

    No offense but isn’t the GOP made up solely of a bunch of bigoted assholes?

  • Little Kiwi

    NO, it’s made up of two groups. Bigoted Asshole, and Insecure Wimps With No Balls who can’t stand up to the Bigoted Assholes and vote along with them in hopes it’ll save their asses*

    *see: Gay Republicans

  • PhillyRock

    The regular douche bag Republicans are expected to agree with this assumption – and their ‘brother-in-arms’ left-wing jackasses do so blindly – but the polling totally suggests otherwise – if one cares to look.

    The Republicans to their credit are playing strictly by their playbook – say no to everything and do nothing but cater to the far-right and the greedy pricks on Wall Street – but doesn’t mean we have to. Again, just look at the polling – despite being beat up by the PAID Republican talking heads – he beats any of the trolls the Republicans will put up.

    Why is this site playing in to their nonsense?

  • ewe

    Regarding Marriage Equality. Gay people and Obama now = Dont Ask Dont Tell

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: and you don’t get the fact that i told you more than once you do not speak for all of New York hence; you got one flipped out wandering nutty ego doing so. Don’t agree with Little Kiwi and she just calls you a racist. You are the cowardly uninformed one. Pick a different rabbit out of your hat.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: How about your usual staple of the day? “yo mama this yo daddy that yo sista here yo brotha there.”

  • Little Kiwi

    i never said i speak for all NY’ers. You said i live in a state of fear and i corrected you that i live in the state of New York ;-)

    i’m not the coward. you’re the one hiding behind anonymity. not me.
    no wonder your dad was ashamed of you.

  • Interesting

    (a) The poll numbers are bad for him

    (b) No President has ever won that I can remember with his jobs number in history

    (c) Saving Grace: The GOP candidates are horrible.

    With those three statements in mind, I would say he’s got a 50/50 chance. There are forces at play that he has no power over. What happens in Europe and what happens in China being the biggest two. Both could drag the world in recession or depression regardless of what Obama does.

    It is amazing to me how self absorbed the gay community is. BUt then that’s America for you. Me. me. me. The whole world is going to shit. Not just the U.S. There are things that the President could have done domestically and internationally that he did not do. Re-regulate the banks internationally. Nationalize the domestic banks. Get money flowing into the economy for loans to businesses and consumers again. A stimulus that should have been 2 times the size it was. Ending the wars, which are an economic constraint on what the federal government can do. Aid to the failing states like California. Etc. There was a lot. He didn’t do any of it. So now, he’s up a creek. His only saving grace is the GOP seems determined to put up the most nutty candidate they can find. Their best hope is Romney, but I don’t see Romney winning the primary. So, if its Perry or someone else, Obama may squeak through. If its Romney, he’s got a real problem because like Obama, Romney is willing to lie, cheat, steal and murder his own family to get into the WH. THat man, l ike Obama, has been groomed by the elite for a genration fro this position.

    Anyway, I all have to say is on with the back and forth barbs between the sock puppets.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: no you did not you lying bitch. you said NY isn’t fear. That is what you said you little nazi bluff. Try rewriting factual history of yesterday that i was involved in with someone else who is gonna let you get away with it. Let me repeat myself you flipped out cunt. You said “ny isn’t fear.” You did not say “i live in the state of New York.” You have been exposed for the vile lying manipulator you fucking are. Now get out of my face. I hate liars.

  • Andy

    If Obama gets re-elected it will only be because there is no good GOP candidate. He’s been such a monumental disappointment. I will hold my nose and vote for him.

  • mike

    @christopher di spirito: A justice department no longer defending DOMA … repeal of DADT … a President actively and positively engaged in the lives of the LGBT community …

    A valiant attempt, not yet fully realized, to turn-around our 21st century Depression, an disaster of epic proportions which rests solidly upon the shoulders of the Bush administration and less-government-oversight Republican policies … health care reform that, however watered-down, is still unprecedented in our generation … as for Libya, and unlike Iraq, we, together with NATO,, came to the aid of a popular rebellion against a ruthless, insane, and deadly dictator.

    And even if Obama is only a one term President, we will have him to thank, for decades to come, for the appointment of, not one, but TWO sane progressive females to SCOTUS.

    The only nitwits I see are those who don’t appreciate all this President is accomplishing.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: You bitch about those who comment with a username becuase you personally do not know everyone and then turn around and act as if you know their fathers? You are disturbed. Yo mama this yo daddy that yo sista here yo brotha there. Grow the fuck up.

  • Little Kiwi

    ewe, it’s not my fault you couldn’t stand up to your dad. if you think you can win his favor by hating the most pro-LGBT President in history just because he’s black then i wish you the best of luck.


    Yes. You said I live in a state of fear. i said “NY isn’t fear – as i live in the state of NY.

    but thanks for your continued obsession with me. it’s flattering, in a “Fatal Attraction” sort of way ;-)

  • ewe

    @Andy: i understand your sentiment. It is a travesty that so many people feel backed up into that same corner.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: you are beyond help. It is your own words that obviously reflect whatever upset you had with your own family and in particular your own father. It is also laughable to me when you try to transpose that onto me because it is completely rediculous. Anyone reading this will interpret Little Kiwi talking to me about anything regarding anyone in my life when you do not even know a thing about me is a reflection of your own sadness and your own familial relations. That means your own father in case you are to dense to grasp that you brought up that subject. As i said “grow the fuck up.” And as far as you trying backpeddle and stay afloat on your NY statement goes you just admitted that you are adding meaning to it as you go along. You’re fucking pathetic.

  • Little Kiwi

    my family and i march in the pride parade together every year. and i don’t need to hate black people to win their favor. i’m sorry that you apparently do.


  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: and when all else fails Kiwi you just bring up that race card cause i guess it has always shut down the obviously stupid characters you hang out with.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    The thing I dont understand is why is there a GOPROUD to begin with? Those people have nothing to be proud of sleeping with the enemy 24/7.My observation anyways.

  • Little Kiwi

    GOProud doesnt’ exist to “build bridges” – it’s ridiculous as it’s a “gay republican group” that makes a point to not make LGBT Equality Issues part of their raison d’etre. they exist solely to save their own asses in front of their bigoted families. you know “We’re Republican and gay, but we’re not like those OTHER GAYS.”

    Yeah. Those other gays who have balls and stand up against bullies. exactly.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: whatever it is you are doing Kiwi you need to know that those people you are angry with are not on this thread. No one here ever said there is anything wrong with your family. Just trying to figure out why you think it’s ok to tell people you don’t know all about their own family dynamics. You’re a fucking idiot.

  • Little Kiwi

    look, ewe, we can all tell why you’re so angry about Obama being president. it’s obvious.

    by all means, throw your vote away. cut off your nose to spite your face. it’s your right to do so, after all.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: you are passive aggressive. I am not interested in people like you who attack with nonsensical statements about the personal lives of people you do not know, call them racists if your first game plan doesn’t work, throw a temper tantrum and then accuse people of being angry when it is your own anger that started it. The first step toward enlightenment is for you to admit when you are wrong.

  • Cam

    I’m sorry, but if the GOP nominates somebody like Bachman or Perry, they can’t win. They are too crazy.

  • Little Kiwi

    yes, you’re more interested in throwing away a vote because you don’t like the accomplishments made by President Obama and would rather a republican win. apparently.

    remember: i’m not the coward hiding behind anonymity. that would be YOU.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: no citizen needs your approval for anything Kiwi. Notice you said vote for who you want in comment 50 and took it right back in comment 53. Case closed. I told you in the past to get a mirror. People do not need to behave the way Little Kiwi dictates and if you can’t accept that it’s too fucking bad.

  • Little Kiwi

    no, by all means. allow a republican to win, if that’s what you want :)

  • ewe

    @Cam: that is so true and the dogma out there is that there is was and will always be only two bad choices. That is not the truth however. That is the way we have set it up.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: ok you can leave it at that and give it a rest. Feel better? Take your head out of your ass. You do not even fucking vote here.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @ewe: You would vote for a supporter of the fucking Khmer Rouge?

    You are a monster.

    @Daniel Villarreal: Or you could start supporting actual gay candidates. I’m voting for Fred Karger in 2012, “fringe” candidate or not, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll start working your ass off to put gay people in positions of power everywhere.

    People like you, the hypocritical dictatorial Yankeephobe Little Kiwi, and the other members of Obama’s Online Jackboot Squad, have no purpose in life but to reinforce the status quo. Obama ran on an anti-equality platform (if you’re not 100% pro-gay, you are not pro-gay), hired a homophobe to give the invocation at his inauguration, spent his political reform on a health insurance quagmire instead of putting a stop to the disenfranchisement of 10% of the country (and with his party in firm control), and interfered with a ruling that made DADT unconstitutional, yet for some reason I am supposed to ignore that? He rules via fear and hatred just as much as Frau Bachmann and Herr Cain.

    Even saying you’re going to “hold your nose and vote for him because the other guy is worse” is no better than defending him, because he will just do the same shit in his second term. Voting for Obama in 2012 is sending a message that “you can keep beating us, we know you don’t mean it.” Well, I sure as hell am not going to act like a battered spouse.

  • ewe

    @Queer Supremacist: sit back and let others tell me that you are only being facetious with that statement too. Then lash out like a born again resentment a week later.

  • Chuck

    President Obama is not going to lose because he is a bad president or because the GOP is running anyone better. He is going to lose because of FOXNews lies about death panels that got all those state level Republicans elected and now these GOPers are busy changing the rules in places like Pennsylvania and North Carolina. With the biggest rollback of voter rights since Jim Crow, Republicans are doing whatever they can to make sure that the actual populations of these and other states don’t get to vote.

    Reminds me of 2000. They’re stealing the election fair and square.

  • Tony

    White gay men never fail to disappoint me. They want this President to fail in spite of everything he has done for the gay community. Your racism shines through.

  • Little Kiwi

    @Queer Supremacist, Karger being gay doesn’t erase the fact that the man tows the line for the GOP’s offensive-to-human-decency economic outlook, nor the fact that he made his millions from the blood-soaked tobacco industry.

    you, queer supremacist, clearly will be fine with a republican winning the next election. it won’t be karger, but it’ll be a republican. and you want that.


  • Little Kiwi


    i’ll stop calling them racists when they stop being so obviously racist.

  • Chuck

    @Tony: They’re looking forward to the new Romney platform: only white, male business owners get to vote.

  • JayKay

    Heaven forbid anyone vote based on any issue aside from gay issues.

    Obama is the most dangerous man ever elected to the presidency, and his “radical transformation” of America has to be stopped, and the policies he’s implemented thus far need to be reversed.

  • PhillyRock

    Isn’t it strange that we are reading a heated debate between a kiwi and a ewe – just an observation.

  • Chuck

    @JayKay: Name anything. ANYTHING that he has done that has radically changed America. Quit drinking the kool aid and go back to your Klan, err, Tea Party rally.

  • JayKay

    Oh, and if you don’t vote for Mitt Romney it means you’re racist against white people.

  • trevor bartlet

    If Obummer wasn’t such a blatant Bolshevik, he’d have a chance. He has ZERO chance in 2012.

  • chuck

    For those of you who will vote for a Repug in 2012 because they promise jobs…they also promise to repeal the repeal of DADT (loss of military jobs), they want to strip all states of laws that stop employment discrimination, on and on and on. I am sure that some Jews in Germany in 1932 looked favorably on Hitler because he promised full employment. He did…especially for those SS officers who ran the gas ovens.

  • BubbasBack

    Herman Cain. The winner. Burp.

  • fredo777

    @JayKay: “Heaven forbid anyone vote based on any issue aside from gay issues.”

    As a gay American, that is the foremost issue that I will vote around + unapologetically so. Every politician is going to fuck some things up + lie about how they’ll make America a perfect place, but I at least want someone in office who isn’t going to bullshit me about those improvements AND take away/block more of my rights as a gay person.

    “Obama is the most dangerous man ever elected to the presidency, and his “radical transformation” of America has to be stopped, and the policies he’s implemented thus far need to be reversed.”

    lol yeah. okay.

  • fredo777

    Funny enough, as a second-term president, Obama is probably the SAFEST choice in terms of getting things done that might otherwise ruffle conservatives’ feathers (a concern if one were trying to be re-elected). So, yes, he can afford to be more “radical” in his second term, but I happen to think that would play in our favor because (unless he does something that could get him impeached) he has less to lose than any first-term president who is trying to play it safe in order to be re-elected (Dem or Republican).

    Summary: he could actually show some more courage + balls.

  • tjr101

    Only the gay republicans on this site would want Obama to lose, everyone else of sane mind knows he is the best candidate there is for 2012.

  • Michael


    Smh the best candidate is Sarah Palin.She can teach todays youth about Paul Revere and how it was about wanting to take our weapons away from us.Just think of how smart todays youth would be with that kind of edumucation. She can also teach children or adults that when asked something they do not know: just make it up as you go along or claim you’ve read a bunch of newspapers but then when asked which ones just act like you are braindead! :)

    Lastly if you can’t remember what you want to say the most logical way to go about remembering it is … writing it down on your palm and looking down at it each time you are asked a question. When all else fails just drool and say duhhhhhhhh :)

  • An Ella Fan

    @christopher di spirito:

    “I can’t take any more of Obama’s hope and change. The price it too high.”

    Don’t let the door hit you in your obtuse ass as you leave the country…


  • Chuck

    An honest question for gar Republicans…How do you feel about being part of a group that enthusiastically booed an active serviceman just because he is gay. Think about it. I saw it live and it was definitely not just a few boos, it was one of the loudest and most enthusiastic crowd responses of the night. It was most of the entire room.

    Pssst, they HATE you.

  • Michael

    @christopher di spirito:

    I can’t take any more of Obama’s hope and change. The price it too high.

    The price is far greater if we have someone completely opposite of Obama.

    If any and I do mean ANY of these backwood bigoted anti gay racists get into office and actually win presidency in 2012 then we are screwed.

    These people have made it abundantly clear that they do not give a rats ass about gay rights have no respect for gay soldiers or people who are gay who serve this country and condemn us any chance they can get.

    We are far better off with someone like Obama then we would EVER be with someone like these demonseeds running this country or getting elected to presidency.

  • the crustybastard

    “Since the start of the Great Recession at the end of 2007, America’s potential labor force — that is, working-age people who want jobs — has grown by over 7 million. But since then, the number of Americans who actually have jobs has shrunk by more than 300,000.

    In other words, we’re in a deep hole and the hole is deepening. In August, the United States created no jobs at all. Zero.

    America’s ongoing jobs depression — which is what it deserves to be called — is the worst economic calamity to hit this nation since the Great Depression. It’s also terrible news for President Obama, whose chances for re-election now depend almost entirely on the Republican party putting up someone so vacuous and extremist that the nation rallies to Obama regardless.

    The problem is on the demand side. Consumers (whose spending is 70% of the economy) can’t boost the American economy on their own. They’re still too burdened by debt, especially on homes that are worth less than their mortgages. In addition, their jobs are disappearing, their pay is dropping, their medical bills are soaring.

    Consumer spending slowed again in August as incomes dropped.

    Businesses, for their part, won’t hire without more sales. So we’re in a vicious cycle. The question is what to do about it.

    When consumers and businesses can’t boost the economy on their own, the responsibility must fall to the purchaser of last resort. As John Maynard Keynes informed us 75 years ago, that purchaser is the government.”

  • Hyhybt

    @ewe: An especially ironic comment, given your username.

  • FYI

    @the crustybastard: Agreed, and it doesn’t help the U.S. employment problem by getting rid of 100,000+ federal postal workers either — as has been suggested in Washington. The US Postal Service was solvent until the Congress started stealing money from it to shore up the Social Security Administration which, in turn, the Congress initially stole revenues from as well that, otherwise left untouched, would have allowed Social Security to remain safe for another twenty plus years.

    Washington’s version of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”.

    All of that theft in order to cover up the fact that the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy and two wars were driving up the deficit. Add to that the moronic Obama extension of the Bush tax cuts (another lying promise to his liberal base which he broke) which tagged more billions in debt onto the deficit and gave the Tea-Baggers in Congress just the right excuse they needed to threaten to shut the government down and to cut entitlement programs as well, and other government funded programs such as: financial aid to college students; home heating fuel assistance to the poor, and cutting the entire social safety net out from under our most vulnerable citizens in America.

    With Bush we got a borrow and spend, then steal, miscreant in the White House; with Obama we got a dangerously amateur politician with no executive experience (and just one incomplete term as US Senator in the federal government) who is a terrific speaker but a dreadfully incompetent decision maker. Obama was not ready for prime time. And we are all paying the price for that.

    By the way, for one of the posters here who suggested that his appointment of Elena Kagan was a great thing for the LGBT community — just remember, Kagan has stated before the Senate Judiciary Committee, when she was nominated as Obama’s Solicitor General, that she believes there are no constitutional protections for same-sex marriage. Then as Solicitor General she affirmed that position with Obama’s Department of (in)Justice which argued against the rights of same-sex couples.

    After her appointment as Supreme Court Justice it has been suggested that she would recuse herself from any decision on DOMA because of the stand she took with the federal government upholding DOMA which could be perceived as prejudicial. So, with Kagan out of the loop, it seems that any SS decision would be most likely a split one at best — which, in turn, would only set our marriage equality movement back for a lifetime. A lower court decision would prevail in such a case, but limited in its geographical application. It could be a limited win or a total loss.

    Another stupid decision of Obama for not going outside of the justice department to find a Supreme Court replacement. Perhaps that was his plan all along, or he just doesn’t give a shit about how his inane decisions affect the GLBT community. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and choose the latter — that is, Obama is just an indifferent asshole when it comes to us (after he gets what he wants from us in cash and votes, of course).

  • Chuck

    @FYI: I don’t think Kagan will recuse herself in light of Clarence Token Thomas and his Mad Cow white wife with all her uber-conservative lobbyist shill and payoff money that he failed to report as joint income for 10+ years.

  • jeff4justice

    If we can elect a gay black President who speaks for LGBT equality (although he’s sucked at it), then by God we can elected an alternative party candidate.

    How dumb that all these Tea Party and Occupy Wallstreet protestors go on about how awful things are but keep advoacting for the same 2 party system.

    Vote Green, Libertarian, or Peace & Freedom. The 2party system will loose when we get smart enough to stop voting for these corporately controlled tools.

  • Conrad Honicker

    I just don’t understand why we would vote in a Republican when Republicans have so much responsibility for this recession (ala Bush).

    Obama is a great person. I had the privilege to meet with him, and I know he’s got a grasp on things.

    BUT, these things take time, if you do them right. Our nation is so toxic with an attitude of instant gratification and being “number one.” We need to take a step back and realize that just isn’t realistic/healthy.

  • Interesting

    I am constantly fascinated how stories are written on blogs as one thing, and the focus in the comments become another.

    For instance, the obsession over some gays voting Republicans. You are talking about, at most, according to polls 25 percent of gays voting Republican. That means that you are ignoring the 75 percent at minimum who do not.

    You are never going to get any group to vote 100 percent of anything. Even African-Americans, arguably the most loyal Democratic constituency, votes 85 percent on average at best for the Democrats. That means there is 15 percent (think Herman Cain) we are Republicans or something else. So, why obsess over the 25 percent? Let them be idiots. Worry about those who are persuadable.

    The reality is that, in this environment, if some one in a minority is voting Republican they are so far gone as to be completely nuts anyway.

  • Interesting

    “we” should be “who”

    I am actually a left leaning independent who will likely vote Democratic, but in my state, unless it is close, I may also vote for the Working Families Party on some lower ticket races or Greens or some other party unless there are non-Democratic machine (read capitulating to the right wingers).

  • queer Supremacist

    @Chuck: And what do you call the attitude of those who compare gay Republicans to the mythological “Jews for Hitler,” “Black Klansmen” and other racist and anti-semitic attempts at false moral equivalence? Love? Compassion? I don’t think Republicans hate gays half as much as gays hate Republicans. Maybe some people would rather put up a fight and risk everything for a greater end result than staying in their comfort zone.

    @Tony: What has he done? Stripped the DADT repeal bill of its anti-discrimination protections, interfered with the sovereignty of the courts, do I even need to remind you of McClurkingate, Warrengate, and all the other gates he has slammed in our faces?

    But he’s part of the Jackass party so I guess it’s okay. If he were a white Republican you’d be calling for his lynching with every breath you take.

    Racist black gay Uncle Toms never fail to make me sick. It’s always bros before ‘mos with you self-loathing afro-kapos.

    @Little Kiwi: Karger is 100% pro-gay rights. Obama is not. I’m not voting for him because he’s a Republican. If a raging homophobe gets the GOP nomination I’ll just write him in. I’m voting against Obama because he’s a Democrat.

    And Obama forfeited his blackness when he used the state’s “rights” argument to maintain the discriminatory status quo. Since that day he has been white as a ghost. I can’t hate him because he’s black because I don’t consider him black. One of the many reasons I hate him is because he’s a white Christian. That’s right, I went there. Obama is white. He is a honky milkhead ofay.

    It speaks volumes about your lack of character and intelligence that when presented with evidence of this scummy breeder’s monumental shortcomings, such as his vindictiveness, his pettiness, his baffling cognitive dissonance on gay rights, his human rights violations, and his hypocrisy, all you can do is dodge the issue and throw the r-word around, projecting your own racist belief that minorities need to be told what to think by left-wing crackers like you, Miss Ann.

    Do you know who else was anti-smoking? I’ll give you a hint. He looked like Charlie Chaplin, he yelled a lot, and he killed himself. (DISCLAIMER: I don’t smoke and find it a disgusting habit, and I support the repeal of Godwin’s law).

    Unless you are willing to put gay people in office then shut the fuck up, you fascist moose jockey.

  • Syl

    To the Dems out there: Follow the Tea Party example and scare the living shit out of your party’s establishment. Organize, fund-raise, vote-out incumbents and nominate radical true believers with no experience or connections, but who are ideologically pure. Tap into the anti-incumbent/anti-establishment feeling in the country! Do that, and you’ll at the very least get a response from the party.

    Alternately, stop reflexively voting for the Dems every time. If every gay person voted for a third party they’d give it a significant boost. If they allied with other groups-say, the pro-drug legalization crowd, pro-gay straight moderates, small “l” libertarians (the “socially liberal/fiscally conservative” kind, not the “neo-con/John Bircher with a hip new label” kind), we could make a viable third party!

    Nothing will change if people keep voting for incumbents because they’re “their guy” and voting for their party just b/c they don’t want to vote for GOP/Dems. throw your vote away on a third party, or write in whoever your want! Yeah, you’re wasting your vote, but at least it’s making a statement! Enough people do it and it gets noticed as a trend, other people will be be inclined to join. Eventually it won’t be wasting your vote, because enough people will have joined and decided that it’s worth it. But that will never happen as long as we keep doing what we’re doing!

  • fredo777

    The only, only way I would be willing to vote for a third-party candidate is if there seemed to be a massive movement behind that party. So much so, that polls suggested that they could actually win. If I was more passive about the Dem/Rep options, I’d be more willing to make a “statement” with my vote. I would like to see that movement toward making a liberal, pro-gay candidate more viable, though.

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