Everyone Got Gay Kisses At The Glee Concert Tour’s Conclusion

The Glee Concert Tour ended in Dublin Sunday night with gay kisses between Heather Morris and Naya Rivera and another gay kiss between Chris Colfer and Darren Criss (who we hear is gay as blazes). You can jump to 1:35 to see the lesbian peck and 4:35 to see the gay one, but don’t let your teenage dreams be crushed by the fact that the kisses amount to little more than showy pecks. Still, it’s enough to make a teen scream.


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  • jason

    I was appalled by the girl-girl kiss considering that the two females don’t even identify as gay. It came across as something you’d see in a magazine designed for horny straight-identifying men who get off on “two hot chicks” but who think gay guys are disgusting. I am sick and tired of this being equated with GLBT rights.

    It’s about time that gay and bisexual men stopped being politically correct about women. Women are the cause of a lot of homophobia. They use their sexuality as a marketing ploy to appeal to the very men who hate us. It’s about time we told these women to skitattle, vamoose, fuck off.

  • Poli

    Do you ever think about anything *other* than girl-on-girl action?

  • George

    @jason: Yeah but don’t they perform this tour in character? If so, then they are playing gay characters so it’s not really what you’re accusing it of being.

  • Steve

    @George: Actually, I think he was talking about the show’s characters, not their actors. But even so, he’s still a little incorrect. Sure, the characters don’t ever identify that they’re gay (except for Santana’s multiple references to being a lesbian) but the characters have explicitly stated that they do love each other. So, I mean…

  • bishop1j

    @jason: The concert is an extension of the show, so on stage here they are playing their characters. Now with that said, Santana has self identified as a lesbian, and Brittney has (while not using the word bi-sexual) said she likes boys and girls.

    If anything their kiss (unlike the boys which had a little heat) was totally sexless, so I doubt it fueled many straight male fantasies.

  • Andy

    1) @daniel Darren Criss is most certainly straight. Just because he plays gay on the teevee doesn’t mean he’s gay in real life.

    2) @jason Get your panties out of that gigantic twist. It sounds like you need a crash course in sexual fluidity and spectra. Just because a person/character on a show does not identify as LGBT does not mean that they cannot be attracted to the same sex. How about some recognition of gray areas?

  • Alexa

    I see Jason is stirring up trouble with his pathetic misogyny yet again.

    @jason: if you’re talking about the characters, you’re wrong because Santana is a lesbian and Brittany is bi. If you’re talking about the actors you’re still wrong because Darren Criss is straight so you should be just as appalled by their kiss. How about you just accept both kisses for what they were rather than looking for homophobia where there is none? And, seriously, how many straight men do you think were at the concert anyway for them to pander to?

  • jason

    I’m all for sexual fluidity so long as it’s about one’s personal orientation and not about pandering to a third party pervert. A lot of you forget that female sexuality, unlike male sexuality, is largely about selling. A seller panders. Women often sell themselves to men by doing things with each other that don’t necessarily reflect their personal orientation but which are designed to pander to a third party male.

    I think it’s disgusting when girl-girl action, such as that you see in the sleazy porn movies of straight-identifying men, is equated with GLBT rights. It is the complete opposite of GLBT rights. These women are supporting homophobic men, not countering them.

  • Kris

    @Jason your argument is flawed and insipid. How is male and female sexuality any different? Mindsets like that are what cause people to become ignorant about human sexuality. If you stand by what you are saying you should be against pretty much all porn and any tv shows that depict any intimacy. These women are kissing, don’t make a bigger deal out of it than it really is.

  • M.

    I agree with Jason. Stop bisexual double standards!

  • M.

    Alexa, you are hypocrite!

  • M.

    @Kris: your arguments are politcorrectness bullshit!

  • jason

    As anyone who’s been reading this site knows, I’m not a hostage to political correctness. Political correctness has, unfortunately, infested public discourse in the United States for a number of years now. It has produced a state of affairs that is counter-productive to the cause of GLBT rights. It’s producing a culture in which fake lesbians and fake bisexual women are being given social precedence over genuine gay and bisexual men.

    Political correctness means you don’t criticize a woman simply because she’s a woman. It means you don’t criticize a black simply because he’s black. It means you don’t criticize a gay simply because he’s gay. Well, I’m not here for such fancy arrangements. I’ll criticize anybody anytime if I see fit. I will point out hypocrisy and double standards regardless of the proponent.

    If that grates, so be it.

  • Kris

    @M what the hell are you talking about? Just throwing out random words does not support anything.

    @Jason well you can expect the same criticism back. What you are saying I find to be very hypocritical as well.

    I was in no way being “politically correct” All I was saying is, there should not be a double standard for men and women. If you don’t like the exploitation of women then you should not like it for men as well.

  • Jeffree

    @Kris: Well said!
    @jason: You’re not a hostage to political correctness, reality, or facts — just to those women-hating voices in your head.

    Get some help. Otherwise you’re going to act on your rage one of these days & we’ll be reading about YOU and saying “Ooh, we should’ve seen this coming.”

  • M.

    @Jeffree: shut up, anti-gay conformist!

  • Pickles

    @Jason and @M are one in the same.
    Stop the madness.

  • M.

    @Pickles: shut up, silly anti-gay conformist Jeffree!

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