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Everyone, including Alex Trebek, is crying over last night’s emotional episode of ‘Jeopardy’

People can’t stop talking about last night’s episode of Jeopardy.

During the show’s final round, host Alex Trebek, who is usually very stoic and reserved, became uncharacteristically emotional after contestant Dhruv Gaur offered him a message of support for his ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer.

Instead of answering the question posed by Trebek, Guar wrote: “What is, We love you, Alex!”

Guar wagered $1,995 of his available $2,000, leaving him with just $5 and basically throwing away his shot at winning the game, but it was clearly worth it. Upon seeing the message of support, Trebek, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May, momentarily choked up, though he quickly maintained his composure.

The moment had people feeling all kinds of ways. Soon, the hashtag #WeLoveYouAlex started trending.

After the episode aired, Gaur took to Twitter to explain his motivation behind what he did.

“Sorry for west coast spoilers, but I’m really glad I got the opportunity to say to Alex what everybody at the tournament was thinking,” he tweeted. “For context, Alex had just shared with us that he was reentering treatment for pancreatic cancer. We were all hurting for him so badly.”

“When Final Jeopardy came up, I could’ve tried to puzzle it together, but really, just kept thinking about Alex, and thought he should know. I’m just very grateful I got the opportunity to say what I know everyone was thinking. Sending all the love. #weloveyoualex.”

In September, after seeing signs of early improvement with his treatment, Trebek announced the cancer had returned and that he would need to be undergo another round of chemotherapy.

When asked how season 36 of Jeopardy has been going for him, Trebek told Good Morning America, “[It’s] the season that comes before number 37. That’s it. It’s another day at the office. But what a wonderful office to go to do your work.”

“As long as I can walk out, and walking out is more of an effort now than it used to be, as long as I can walk out, and greet the audience and the contestants, and run the game, I’m happy.”

Trebek has vowed continue hosting Jeopardy until he is no longer able.

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