Everyone Is Quitting Toronto Pride Over ‘Israeli Apartheid’

International grand marshals Gloria Careaga and Renato Sabbadini have stepped down from their appointed posts and twenty-three Pride Toronto award recipients have returned their trophies to protest pride organizers’ decision to ban Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, whose name supposedly violates the City of Toronto’s anti-discrimination policy, from the July 4 march. Maybe Toronto can have two parades like Austin! Or is that what’s already happening?

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  • Oscar

    Down with the Gaza blockade, down with apartheid!

  • Erick

    Not just Toronto, Madrid Pride rescinded their invitation for an Israeli delegation siting security concerns.

  • Aaron

    Hmmmm, maybe its because gay pride should be about, I dunno, gay pride???!!!

    I remember a pride parade I attended in Ottawa, in 2003. A large part of the parade, floats, etc., had nothing whatsoever to do with gay pride.

    Get the message??

  • Cam

    So you have gays protesting in support of a region where homosexuality is illegal and gays are thrown in prison. The massive amounts of self hatred is not to be believed. Why not next go and picket all the prisons to demand the release of gay bashers?

  • whatever

    @Cam:You’re just a broken record, aren’t you? You’ve spammed this message on every I-P related post, and no one gives a shit.

  • Cam

    @whatever: Said..

    No. 6 · whatever
    @Cam:You’re just a broken record, aren’t you? You’ve spammed this message on every I-P related post, and no one gives a shit.

    Nobody gives a shit? Well you seem to. But what I notice is that you didn’t say that what I said was wrong. Once again, you have this bizzare need to defend people who would gladly imprison or kill you. It’s like women protesting in defense of the Taliban.

  • Andrew

    @whatever: I certainly “give a shit” thank you very much.

    If the Palestinians got their way, Gays would be publicly executed and hung as onlookers jeered and laughed. Oh wait, that’s already happening.

    In the treatment of women, in respect for human rights, in practicing democracy, — Israel continues to be ahead of the pack. If anything, the rest of the Middle East should take a hint from Israel.


    @whatever: It seems you have pretty much done the same as Cam. And I’ll join the freaking parade and do the same. Here are two suggetions for you. Walk a mile in both Gaza and Israel with another Gay dude. Let us know in which location you will still be free to come back and make another post……..

  • INCognito


    How about he first lets us know in which location he will still be alive?


    @INCognito:Co-Sign… Or not buried up to his chest and stoned, have his anus filled with surgical glue and then be fed duretics to force him to basicaly explode, Have an holes drilled directley into his bones, have a noose placed on his neck in front of a cheering mob while a flatbed truck slowly pulls forward insuring a slow death by suffocation,… We could go on for hours!

  • Cam

    I’m still mystified at all the people clicking on the thumbs down on comments here. People here went ape shit (Rightfully so) when George Rekers turned out to be a hypocritical closet case. NOBODY was defending him, and yet some of the same people attacking him are getting angry for people on here pointing out that being gay is ILLEGAL in Palestine. Rekers only advocated for gays not being able to adopt, which was bad enough, but how people can attack him and yet defend a govt. that actually makes our existence is beyond me.

  • blade

    Honor killing: The Arab custom permitting families to legally murder sons or daughters suspected of being queer.

    Israel is fighting honor killings at home and throughout
    the world. The current Israeli govt. unsuccessfully tried get the UN to ban the practice. It is the only country which supports putting gay rights on the UNGA’s agenda. Tel Aviv declared itself a sanctuary city for gays and spends more on gay social services than the entire EU. If the European gay community has sided
    with the people trying to destroy the most gay-friendly county in the world it will itself to blame when those people turn on them.

  • Diya

    To all of the people claiming Israel is gay-friendly – okay, and what about the gay Palestinians who are being killed for being Palestinian? Just because Israel is more gay-friendly doesn’t mean their savage, barbaric acts of violence and murder against anyone Palestinian or pro-Palestinian is acceptable. It’s like, enjoy your mai tai on the Black Sea while we continue to abolish any sense of self for the indigenous Palestinian population.

    And to the rabid pro-Israeli commentators – please stop supporting Jewish fundamentalism and Israeli terrorism. Fundamentalism and terrorism are anti-American, or didn’t you hear?

  • INCognito

    @Diya: Darling, learn geography, please. Israel is not a country on the Black Sea. (Hint: The Black Sea is north of Turkey, and Israel is to the south of Turkey.)

    As to your comment about gay Palestinians being killed for being Palestinian, and Israel claiming gay-friendliness: look, the US and allies went to Iraq and killed more than half a million people according to The Lancet (some report twice as much). Surely, there were LGBTs among them. Is the US homophobic? How about the UK with LGBT rights that exist there? What about British LGBT soldiers – are they homophobic if they killed someone else who may be LGBT? All you did was create a false dichotomy, where it doesn’t exist.

  • alan brickman

    all the hyprocrisy and jew hate…but naturally it’s happening in canada again

  • alan brickman

    In canada all the crazy gets to have a say….

  • Andrew

    @Diya: Hun, there is no such thing as a “Gay Palestinian”. Only Gay Former-Palestinians whom had to seek asylum elsewhere lest they be legally honor killed by their family or publicly hung as Hamas fires off shot guns in celebration.

  • alan brickman

    sad and stupid!! Watch Rush Limbaugh jump on this!!!

  • Michael vdB

    While this political group should be able to have a dialogue in a public forum, I do not think that forum should be a gay pride parade. Pride is all about celebrating the accomplishments of gays over the years while having some fun. Set up a booth with information if you want. Speak from your soapbox in something else than the parade.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Oscar: Anyone who attempts to compare Israel to apartheid-era South Africa cheapens the real suffering of black South Africans at the hands of a white minority.

    If the majority of Muslims were white southerners you’d hate Islam and the Palestinazis as much as I do.

    Do you give one shit about the gays trapped in the region who are put to death by these monsters unless they manage to escape in time to get refuge in, yes, that’s right, Israel?

    My fucking god, the German-American Bund should have had a Gay Outreach program.

  • Dmitriy


    who is they…israeli citizens never strapped themselves with bombs, crossed the border to the west bank and blew themselves

    on top of this 20 percent of israeli citizens are arabs

    who have more rights in israel than they would in any arab country

  • Bill Perdue

    The only anti-Semites around here are anti-Palestinians and islamophobes.

    You’ll be happy to know that anti-zionist sentiment among Jews is as old as the hills, and doesn’t usually include support for the racist notions that the zionist colony has any shred of legitimacy. Much of it is European based because the zionists abandoned European Jews to their fate at the hands of the Nazis to pursue their colonial adventure in Palestine.

    You can find an online history of zionism by goggling The Hidden History of Zionism by Ralph Shooenman of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation and Zionism in the Age of the Dictators by Lenni Brenner which includes a review by the London Times. Both books are online.

    You’re right about one thing though. American Jewish opinions about zionist terrorism are changing, however slowly. Whatever they can do to undermine the zionists and demoralize them is all to the good even though that’s considered treasonous by the zionists.

    Palestine for the Palestinians.

  • Shii

    @Andrew: Thread is old now, but I voted down your comment because Iranians and Palestinians aren’t even the same kind of Muslim.

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