Everyone Is Pissed At OUT Magazine For Profiling Bigot Milo Yiannopoulos


So Out Magazine kinda sorta stepped in it this week when they published a profile on Milo Yiannopoulos, the racist, Islamophobic, transphobic Donald Trump surrogate and alt-right activist who managed to get himself permanently banned from Twitter earlier this year for his bigotry. And, as expected, people aren’t happy about it.

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The profile, which was published online yesterday, included an editor’s note explaining the magazine’s decision to feature controversial Yiannopoulos:

It should not need saying that the views expressed by the subject of this piece in no way represent the opinions of this magazine, but in this era of social media tribalism, the mere act of covering a contentious person can be misinterpreted as an endorsement. If LGBTQ media takes its responsibilities seriously we can’t shy away from covering queer people who are at the center of this highly polarized election year, and we ask you to assess Milos Yiannopoulos, the focus of this profile, on his own words without mistaking them for ours.

Some claimed the editor’s note was added after the blowback started; however, it was always there. Still, that hasn’t stopped people from voicing their outrage with the publication.

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Noah Michaelson, the Editorial Director of Huffington Post Queer Voices and a friend of ours, posted a lengthy rant on Facebook yesterday, calling the piece “inexcusable and straight up gross”:

Then there are the folks on Twitter:

As a result of the backlash, Out’s editor-at-large and author of the interview, Chadwick Moore, has flipped his Twitter profile to private. Meanwhile, Yiannopoulos issued the following response on his official Facebook page:

What do you think? Was Out wrong to profile this gay supervillain? Or are people overreacting? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…