Skin in the game

Everyone still has an opinion on THOSE Orlando Bloom pics, even Boy George

As we dive into spring, which is really just the preamble to summer, let us not forget the summer of ’16. Yes, the nastiest political election in recorded American history was sucking energy out of thin air with an alarming rate, but another thing happened that summer.

Leaks, leaks and more leaks — and we’re not talking about the Russians.

One of the more memorable ones showed Orlando Bloom doing what he does best — acting. No, scratch that. He was seen paddle-boarding naked with Katy Perry — the second best thing he does.

Everyone and their mother (and probably grandmother) saw those images, including Boy George (duh).

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George has oddly chosen now, some eight months later, to address them publicly. Why? Who the hell knows.

What we do know is that George commented to KIIS FM that Bloom has “a lovely bottom.”

That led to a question on whether he’d seen any of Bloom’s other distinguishing characteristics, to which George replied: “No. But he also practices Nichiren Buddhism like I do. So we’ve got a lot in common.”

What an odd pivot, which the then steered back to the subject at hand:

“It’s [his penis] been on the net. I’ve seen it… I thought he had a lovely bottom.”

So, has he seen it or not?!

Like the changing of the seasons themselves, we’re right back where we started.

But here’s something to enjoy in the meantime:

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