Everyone’s freaking out about that explicit “AHS” sex scene between Colton Haynes and Evan Peters

Okay, then. American Horror Story outdid itself with some especially frisky antics in the most recent episode of Cult.

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Spoiler alert: Colton Haynes character Detective Jack Samuels beds down maniacal cult leader Kai Anderson (Evan Peters), and the results are decidedly creepy-sexy — the greatest sexy of all.

The gist: Samuels “enters” Kai’s sister Winter (played by Billie Lourd) while Kai “enters” him.

The scene begins as a standard make-out session between Haynes and Peters before things get, well, like this:

Oh… here’s the kissing scene, by the way:

Understandably, Twitter had a thing or two to say about all this sexy business: