Show off

Everyone’s gagging over this photo of Ashley Parker Angel in leggings… Perhaps you can see why?

Ashley Parker Angel has caused quite a stir (again) with a photo posted to his Instagram page.

The former-O-Town-boybander-turned-Broadway-star had everyone drooling when he showed off his rather sizable, ahem, talent in a picture uploaded a few days ago.

In the pic, the 36-year-old can be seen posing in front of his fabulous New York apartment window wearing a pink t-shirt and white leggings that leave very little to the imagination.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Angel has showed off his long johns. Earlier this year he posted a similar photo of himself…

What a tease!

Scroll down for even more pics of Angel…

Take a second right now to think about your performance when you didn't believe a good outcome was possible. ? Maybe you got some bad news or experienced a setback but you still found a way to push through and make it happen. ?? For example, I rarely get sick but during this last cold / flu, I did my best to remember that there's a powerful beauty in being ugly but effective and having a "good bad day" (UBE + GBD). This is when you're not at your best but you keep grinding it out. ?? It’s the unhealthy perfectionists in us (*waving to my old self!*) who struggles with this the most — thinking they should be able to get through the day perfectly and that if they don’t, it’s a sign of something being wrong with them. ? (Haha) Sometimes we get knocked off our game for one reason or another and during those times we need to embrace the reality that (tragically) we will *never* be perfect. When the inevitable bad day comes along, rather than beating ourselves up, we simply say, “No big deal. Back to work.” ?? So… How’s your ugly? Here’s to being ugly but effective and having good bad days! #UBE + #GBD! ??#Day58 #90DaysOfFitness

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