Everyone’s laughing at Eric Trump for tweeting a meme that “proves” the election was rigged

Eric Trump outdid himself this week when he tweeted a meme that he claims offers picture proof the election was rigged against his father.

“Says it all,” Trump tweeted, along with pictures of Obama, Biden, and Trump at campaign events and a bunch of random numbers.

Though Eric doesn’t cite any sources or explain what the numbers mean exactly, the meme seems to be implying that Obama won 873 counties with 69 million votes in 2008, Trump won 2,497 counties with 74 million votes in 2020, and Biden won 477 counties with 81 million votes in 2020.

In addition to making little to no logical sense, the meme’s math doesn’t add up between the number of counties Biden won and the number of votes he received. And on top of that, it completely ignores the fact that population sizes vary significantly between counties.

The population of Los Angeles County, for instance, is greater than the total population of 40 different states. (Biden won L.A. County by 71%.) Whereas many counties with lower populations, like Loving County, Texas, which boasts a population of 169, went for Trump.

Thankfully, people were quick to point out these glaring discrepancies to Eric in the comments…

Be best, Eric.

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