Laughing stock

Everyone’s making fun of Paul Ryan right now

So Paul Ryan made a total ass of himself over the weekend when he tweeted some bullsh*t about the GOP tax overhaul.

The good ol’ “family values” politician tried saying a public high school worker was “pleasantly surprised” to learn that she would be getting a $1.50 a week raise thanks to Ryan and his colleagues:

A basic Costco membership costs $60 a year. (An executive Costco membership costs $120.) The high school secretary will see her pay increase by $78 a year, which means she’ll have a whole $18 left over to spend on whatever she wants!

People were quick to point out Ryan’s out-of-touch assholery.

First there were tweets…

Then came the memes…

Then Paul Ryan deleted the tweet, which is probably the smartest thing he’s done since–well–ever.

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