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Everyone’s obsessing over Harry Styles’ butt after secret screening of new gay film ‘My Policeman’


Harry Styles’ new movie My Policeman just had its first screening at a secret showing in San Diego. Despite the audience agreeing to a review embargo, a few viewers have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the film and, um, on Mr. Styles’ backend.

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My Policeman follows the story of a love triangle between two gay men, Tom and Patrick (Styles and David Dawson respectively) in the 1950s. Facing a hostile world, Tom marries a schoolteacher named Marion (Emma Corrin) and a dangerous love triangle develops between the three. The film opens later this year in theaters.

Most of the comments stem from a user identified as “My Policeman Updates” who claims to have loved the film, and that Styles more than held his own opposite Dawson and Corrin. The same user also says the film doesn’t feature frontal nudity (whomp, whomp), though Styles does show off his posterior.

“Probably not going to be a film you watch with your parents,” the user cautioned.

News of the screening–and the cameo by Styles’ rear–has set Twitter on fire. Have a look at some of our favorite reactions thus far…