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Everyone’s rolling their eyes at Lara Trump for claiming she shops at Target in ridiculous interview

Lara Trump has been trending on Twitter all morning for not one but two ridiculous things she said on Fox News both yesterday and today.

Let’s start with today…

Lara went on Fox & Friends to discuss rumors circulating among the QAnon crowd that her father-in-law will be “reinstated” as President of the United States come Labor Day.

Business Insider reports:

While the origin of the August-reinstatement theory remains unclear — it certainly did not come from constitutional-law scholarship — the first mention of it to gain significant traction came from Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of MyPillow and a staunch Trump ally.

When asked about the rumors, Lara played it coy when she said, “As far as I know, there are no plans for Donald Trump to be in the White House in August. ”

Then she added, ominously, “Maybe there’s something I don’t know.”

Clearly, she was trying to pander to QAnon believers while simultaneously looking like she was squashing the reports. It’s the same abusive psychological strategy Donald Trump employs every time he repeats something “many people” believe then says, “I don’t know if it’s true. You tell me.”

Then last night, Lara appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to applaud her father-in-law for single-handedly ending the coronavirus pandemic. (Which is still not over BTW.)

“You won’t hear him get any credit,” she whined. “You won’t hear him get credit that life is finally going back to normal.”

Then came the kicker.

“You go in places like Target. I went to Target earlier today. A lot of people without masks in Target because people are getting vaccinated. We are coming out of this thanks to President Donald Trump!”

But it wasn’t Lara’s outrageous insinuation that it’s Donald Trump and not, say, scientists or doctors or frontline workers, who is the responsible for getting us through the pandemic that has people rolling their eyes. It was her totally unbelievable claim that she shops at Target absolutely nobody’s buying.

Here’s what folx are saying…

How much do you wanna bet that sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours, Lara is going to post a photo of herself shopping at Target to Instagram?

P.S. While we’re on the subject of Target, check out its kickass Pride Collection. Happy Pride, y’all!

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.