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Everything Is Falling Down on Yes on 8’s Attorney


The funniest part of yesterday’s Perry v. Schwarzenegger hearing, besides the ACLU, Lambda Legal, and NCLR getting D-nied from joining the suit? When Charles Cooper, counsel for the Yes on Prop 8 folks, delivered his press conference following the judge’s ruling. Notes Michael Petrelis, who was there (and snapped the before and after shots above): “As Cooper explained the rationale for what he thinks is a winning legal strategy, the lightweight Yes on 8 sign, which hadn’t been securely taped to the lectern, came loose and fell to the floor. Some laughs broke out, and I cracked wise, from the front row. It doesn’t seem like you’ve got a solid foundation there,’ I said to Cooper, who chuckled at his bare lectern and got back to serious business.” Like God sending tornadoes to the Lutherans, is Cooper’s sign falling … a sign from above?

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