Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Milk Screening

The Cinema Society and Details presented a celebrity-studded screening of Milk, the biopic about America’s first openly gay public official, Harvey Milk. Cindy Adams gossips that the arrival of the film’s star went a little something like this:

“Aides, heralds, courtiers, gofers preceded Sean Penn’s coming. He lacked only the Magi, the trumpets and a nimbus. Whispers came back like, “Sean may not stop . . . Sean mightn’t talk to anyone . . . you know how Sean is . . . we never know how Sean is . . . well, that’s how Sean is . . . “

Also seen- homophobic epithet slinger Mickey Rourke, Jeff Goldblum, Ed Koch, Steve Buscemi, Valentino, Willem Dafoe, Jon Voight, Ang Lee, Emile Hirsch, Natalie Portman, Adrian Grenier, Chace Crawford, Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, Patricia Clarkson, Jon Voight, Stanley Tucci, James Gandolfini and James Franco, who is just fine with playing gay again as Allen Ginsberg in an upcoming film version of Howl.