Everything’s Coming Up Generic


Rosie O’Donnell recently opened her online store, the r store, where lesbians the world over can buy stuff they don’t really want. The site focuses on family friendly items such as cute shirts, hats and sweatshirts. It’s nice that Rosie’s trying to push the image of lesbians as family oriented, but does it have to be so, well, bland?

We ain’t feeling the mugs with quotes from her blog. Says one:

“ur voice is ur power – own it – get clear on what u have always felt – but might not have had the courage to express – say it now – with boldness and conviction”

We guess it still beats anything Bill O’Reilly has to offer. Oh, and the section titled “Big Girls” is not for, like, girls that are now eight or nine like we expected, but for big girls as in your hag.

Can we please have either happy, fun Rosie or at least militant-dyke Rosie back?