E.Village Has Gay History, Too.

Blasphemy of blasphemies! Rather than using this almost anniversary of Stonewall to celebrate the West Village, QueerSighted set its peepers on New York’s other village, The East Village!

Long the nabe of the gays, EV’s more than just The Cock. As QS points out, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Basquiat all cut their teeth in the grimy ‘hood. Meanwhile,The St. Marks Baths hosted many a bacherous night – and helped homo-journo Richard Rothstein face his faggotry:

Perhaps none of the East Village gay landmarks holds more personal meaning for me than the Club Baths. Closed by the city along with all the other gay bath houses during the 1980s AIDS panic, the Club Baths was converted into a trendy restaurant, Cave Canem. My ex-wife surprised me with a 40th Birthday party at this restaurant and it was on this night, in the former bath house, that I resolved to come out–which I did just a few months later. Gay porn star Arpad Miklos, wearing nothing but a Turkish towel, longs for the bad old days.

And we’re long-ing for Miklos. Hubba-hubba!