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‘Ex on the Beach’ star filmed taking it out in the DJ booth… any requests?

The drive for attention run strong in the cast of MTV’s Ex on the Beach.

First it was Brandon Meyers. Then Sean Pratt.

And now Marty McKenna has taken a play from the cast handbook and done something so ridiculous we find ourselves writing about it.

Maybe that says more about us than him, but we’ll stick a pin in that thought while we show you this…

McKenna was filmed approaching a DJ at a club and saying something in his ear. Was he requesting a song? Sharing his favorite cranberry scone recipe? Reciting lines from Henry VIII?

We’ll never know for sure, but here’s what we do know: His…uh…beach umbrella was on full display.

Check out the decidedly un-work-friendly video here.

We really hope the DJ was in on this “joke.”

“That’s nice,” wrote one commenter.

Have a good weekend. We’re out.